Screen resolution: how to change?

Today we will explore with you is such a thing as a "display resolution."Let's see what it is you need and whether you can change it.

as what

First we try to find out what screen resolution at all, and why it is needed.Respond here in several ways.Perhaps the most obvious and concrete is synonymous with "scale".screen resolution

The thing is that the screen resolution - the so-called display size of image files, in pixels.In other words, the scale of what we see with you when working on the computer.The greater the numbers, the smaller icons.So, if you want to place on the desktop as much as possible labels, then preference should be given higher values.

screen resolution can be changed.Moreover, it is possible in a variety of applications and settings in the computer itself.Now let's see how you can "adjust" this option as it will be convenient for you.

operating system

So, first let's try a little bit with you to change the settings in our operating system.This is especially true after reinstalling.You shou

ld "clean" Windows, which is usually equipped with huge icons.Not very pleasant to the eye, and to use a computer is not very convenient.So, let's think about how to make a slightly higher screen resolution.

To begin with you that try to change the parameter of to Windows 7. It is done in just two clicks.Not that the "eight".But we, too, about her talk.So, get on your desktop any free place, and then click the right mouse button.

front of you should see a list of the commands that only can be done.Here, at the bottom, you can discover the "personalization" and "Expansion of the screen."Probably not too hard to guess where we need to look.

When you click on the appropriate button, before you jump out the window.It will have to pay attention to the item "Resolution".It happens here and fitting setting for themselves.Click on the box to the right of the list pops up with the available options.Try to pick something that's right for you.Thus, for example, 800 to 600 - a screen where you will have a very large icons, and 1200 on 720 - a small and comfortable to the eye.In addition, you can find the so-called recommended settings.They are called the optimal settings for your computer.But let's see how you can change the screen resolution on Windows 8 and, for example, in any game.

screen resolution in games

Windows 8

an operating system, many users find incomprehensible.And, then, it will have long to understand how to use it.So, let's learn how to change the screen resolution of the laptop or computer that is running Windows 8.

how to make the screen resolution

So when you find yourself on the so-called home screen, open the "Charm".To do this, simply move the mouse cursor to the right side of the monitor.Now, select "Settings" and then "Display".It is in the parameters.

You will see a window that would have to adjust the screen resolution using the special slider.Simply select the appropriate parameters, and then save the changes.Best of all, of course, put those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are marked as recommended.They are usually determined by the capabilities of your computer and monitor size.So, look for these items are emphasized.

By the way, the recommended resolution is quite common and preferred.Maybe because no one wants to experiment once again, and perhaps, like setting are really optimal.That's all.Now let's try with you to figure out how to change the screen resolution in games.


In conclusion I would like to mention one rather important point.Namely, how to change the screen resolution for comfortable play.The thing is that incorrect settings can spoil the lasting impression of a project.Laptop screen resolution

Typically, this option is in the "Graphics" section.It can be found up and start toys (especially if you have a so-called launcher pops up) and after (in options), and during the game.

modify and store permission is exactly the same as the operating system.As a result, you will be automatically restarted the game (or rather, the picture begins to appear immediately as you set it up).Then save the parameters and continue to play.Nothing complicated.