How to look older than their years?

Experiments with older people and doing a youth, trying to look older, and in old age, doing whatever it takes to visually look younger.In this article, we will focus on how young people have a more adult look, and how to achieve this difficult, but such a desirable goal.In most cases, the question of how to look older, are given by teens who feel that have matured and are trying to get rid of excessive guardianship of their parents.Often they choose simple and not very correct techniques such as bright makeup, catchy and provocative clothes, not very modest demeanor.Sure, 15-year-old girl who behaves, seem older, but it is unlikely to appear before others in a favorable light, and will be able to achieve success in life and career.That is why she is looking for other ways to look older.The boy, according to many, is much simpler: the bristles and solid feel will do the job.

how to look older work and age

Appearance undoubtedly affect relations in the workplace.It should be noted that the work is different: some

positions better look younger, other - older.It is necessary to correct accents and decide what goal you are pursuing.For example, if you work with people younger than you, it is better to look impressive.If the office is not too serious, or considering working with peers, it is better not to play with age.Nevertheless, the fact that the older person looks, the more it will be listened to - is undeniable.

how to look older guy How to look older with the help of hair and makeup?

That hairstyle and makeup are the starting point for those who want to visually add a pair of years.Remember, too short or long hair young, curly hair and freshen the face.If you pursue the goal visually mature, prefer smooth bob hairstyle, or under the name "Bob".Visually add age dark shades, so if the blonde wants to seem older, she should seriously think about a change of hair color to the opposite.Same goes for makeup: give preference to dark (brown or beige) shadows.With black shadows need to be very careful, because they can turn you into a schoolgirl who overdo the makeup "Smokey Eyes".Lipstick should be selected under the skin tone and white smile.Sure, older make red lipstick.Using blush can hide the swelling of the cheeks and cheekbones outline.

How to look older by means of dress and behavior?

how to look older than their years, meet, anyway, on clothes.It affects the clothes first impression, which is considered the strongest.Therefore, if a person wants to make a solid impression, it is better to give preference to the business style: classic suit restrained colors, slacks, skirts style "pencil", bright blouse.Women who are thinking about how to look older than their age, should forget about jeans and shoes without heels, exactly as on sportswear.

In conclusion

And, finally, let's talk about the behavior.It is no secret that the words and actions also affect the attitudes of others.The behavior of adults - quiet and reserved.It is important to follow the speech, which should be clean and articulate.To get rid of the problem and stop thinking about how to look older, you need to first get rid of the word-parasites and unnecessary phrases.Radiate your view are the qualities that distinguish the adult from the child, and you are sure to succeed.