Strumming the guitar for beginners.

Perebory guitar - is a simple and extremely effective way to make his instrument sing beautifully.Let us recall the song Street Spirit (Fade Out) British band Radiohead or cult ballad Nothing Else Matters Metalica.Guitarist these groups managed to come up with a piercingly melodic strumming that gently heard in every corner of the planet.In this article we will look at strumming the guitar for beginners as well as for the more advanced, so to speak, of users.

first for lessons!

strumming guitar

First should specify the basic rules of the game strumming the guitar for beginners.They are basic, but easy to follow them will have a good result.

So, rule number one - do not press the string too much.To do this, there is one perfect exercise!To start press any fret on the string and slowly press slothful.At some point, the string sound stops at all.Now, try to play the usual pentatonic scale, pinching every way is so hard.Yes Yes!That is, the string is sounded!Oddly enough, most of the newcomers are accustomed to pres

s the string so strongly that with this exercise they have problems.Well, now I recommend to do it.

Rule number two: the sound must be removed right pinch.Fingers should not hit the string, they must tweak it.Emilio Pujol in his writing the tutorial, "pinching the string can be divided into three phases: a finger touches the strings;by folding the last phalanx string deviates from its normal position and starts to emit;finger returns to its original position. "I'd add that the sound at the same side of the string is extracted, not the bottom.

And third, it's a simple rule: each finger - their own string.The index pulls a third, middle - second, and fourth - the first string.Violate this rule is not recommended.Although in some cases it is necessary to quickly several times quickly pull one string.In such a case, this rule can be neglected.

And now forward to the bust!

Now you can safely begin to touch.Strumming the guitar, as a rule, it consists of two components: the first - the extraction of the bass with the thumb and the second - the execution of the melodic line with the index, middle and ring fingers.

agree that count strings we guide from the very fine, t. E. The unit will indicate the lowest string, as of Six - the uppermost and the thickest.Bass and we write - bass, because it varies depending on the chord, while the structure of the enumeration is always the same.

schemes strumming guitar

We consider strumming from the simplest to the most complex.First study strumming the guitar for beginners, which, incidentally, sounds half of Russian songs.So, having studied them, you will always have to play by the campfire.

Bust "Six»

Simply search, and you can imagine.He played as follows: (bass) of 3 2 1 2 3 .Hone the bust can be, for example, playing a song group "Nautilus Pompilius" "Wings".Always secure the skills on real songs - so you will expand your horizons and gain experience.Exercises will never give.

Bust "Eight»

This is a slightly advanced search, but everyone should learn it.It has the following structure: (bass) 3 2 3 1 3 2 3 .

This is perhaps the most popular search.He was called bard.It is used in a huge number of songs - both Russian and foreign.Among them, such as "ice shard" Aria, "lyrics" of the Gaza Strip, as well as a nice "town, which is not."Be sure to check the composition.

Bust "Four»

Bust has an unusual structure: (bass), 3 (2 1) 3 .Figures in brackets mean that you need to play these strings simultaneously.At the same time will be an occasion to practice in a pinch.

advanced strumming

read this paragraph it is recommended only if you are confident owns three techniques described above.Types of strumming the guitar as described in this section require the guitarist confident possession pinch technique.

Bust "waltz»

(bass) (3 2 1) (3 2 1) (bass) (3 2 1) (3 2 1) .This bust is great finds application in school or theater performance!

Bust "Pseudo-country»

In fact, this enumeration is not the official name, but we have christened that way, because it simulates the style of the country, but it is not pure country.He played as follows: bass Feb. 3 1 2 3 .Last note is played, so that it was barely audible.

used brute force "Pseudo-country" in a great lot of songs.I recommend to explore Kansas - Dust in the Wind and «Blackbird» The Beatles.

harping strumming and improvisation

Try to play too much, "eight" on the chord Am.After losing the first full release your finger from the first fret of the second string and play the bust again.Now do the same thing a few times without a pause.

In people it is called harping chords.Try to do the same on different chords, and you'll hear how you get a nice guitar strumming with relatively little effort.

After that I recommend to disassemble the song "A splinter of ice" Aria Group.It all guitar part is based on the NCCA plays different chords.

In the same way, you can improvise on the basic level, combining a few chords.

specific strumming

Oddly enough, but the classic types of strumming the guitar over.But!As a bonus, we'll look bust of Street Spirit (Fade Out) and Nothing Else Matters.Frankly, they are not very complex, but very beautiful, so - go ahead!

Bust of Street Spirit (Fade Out)

busting structure is shown in the image below.Yes, there will be a lot of unfamiliar chord, but this problem is solved within 10 minutes of searching the Internet.

scheme strumming guitar

Let guide you on this exhaustive search is actually a musical composition Street Spirit (Fade Out).Also, a lot of video on the Web with a detailed analysis of it.You can see them if you have problems, although we advise to deal with the difficulties on their own.

Bust of Nothing Else Matters

strumming the guitar for beginners

Since the article is for beginners, we have shown a simplified version of the tune, without the advanced techniques such as Pull-off and Slide (learn these terms in his spare time!).

methods extract audio

Ringtones bust the guitar you can play not only with your fingers.No one prohibits the use of a mediator, or even special false nails (plectrums), playing the role of mediators.The latter, incidentally, is actively using guitar virtuoso Igor Presnyakov.It is strongly recommended to see a couple of cover songs in his performance.


method, frankly, is not the easiest, but sometimes do without it is simply impossible (though, as a rule, it should not be used).Perebory because the game is not only an acoustic guitar, but also on the electric.A finger on it playing only madmen (some of them, by the way, very successful - read about the success of Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell, but better check with their creativity).Try to play Street Spirit (Fade Out) mediator, and you will notice how changed tune.

how to play the guitar bust


order not explain in words, look at the picture below.It depicts a classic set of pick - one for the thumb and three - for the rest.They are only suitable for nylon strings.

types of strumming the guitar

Beautiful strumming the guitar comes from the plectrum, but with them more difficult to manage with your fingers.Guitarists have borrowed them from the banjo, but frankly, plectrums are not accustomed.They are rarely used in the guitar environment, but it does not mean that they should simply be ignored.No uniform rules that explain the only correct way to play the guitar brute force - everyone does as he sees fit.

nice strumming guitar

Some, for example, use only the bass plectrum.

As an experiment, we recommend to buy a set pick and play above the bust.Do not be afraid to spend money on a thing that may not be used - you will get the experience and broaden their horizons guitarist!


We do not exercise the gift section is disposed at the very end of the article.This was done only with a view to the most interesting information skip forward, and leave routine and boring at the end.Now that you know how to play the guitar a bust, and you can notice themselves and correct their mistakes.

And they can be corrected only with the help of exercise!In fact, exercise is to iterate only one - simply play too much.Try to do it slowly and properly, gradually, gradually increasing the tempo.

hard work - a head!

Develop synchronization of hands and try to spending a minimum of effort for each action.This will help you hard work.Good luck!

tune guitar bust

And here is what you will play one!