Indonesia island of Java: sights with photos

within Greater Sunda Islands, which make up the Malay archipelago is the island of Java.The map can be found in the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean.

the island of Java From the island of Java gets its name, is not known.According to one of the existing versions, it comes from protoavstroneziyskogo word "home."According to another - it is consonant with the name of the island in the early manuscripts of the Indian epic.There is also the opinion of some experts, according to which "Java" - is derived from the word «Jau».On the Sanskrit language can be translated as "barley" or "lying far."


island of Java (see below photo) was formed, according to scientists, about six to seven million years ago.In the same period there was also the whole Malay Archipelago.

Java Island Photo Java consider serving the water extremity of the ridge, which stretches from Burma to Sumatra, passing through the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.Many years ago, seismic and volcanic processes provoked lowering and raising of pre-existing at this poi

nt of the continent.As a result of all this, and there was the island of Java.The landscape of the central part is decorated with a chain of mountains, stretching from west to east.In this part of the territory of the island of Java has volcanoes.In total there are more than one hundred and twenty, among them - thirty active.The highest volcano Semeru found.Its height is 3676 m. This is the highest point of the island.Others, the most important:

- Bromo - 2329 m;
- Merapi - 2914 m.

last of these two volcanoes is among the ten most active on the planet.In 1006 its catastrophic eruption for three centuries destroyed life on the island.The fertile soil turned into desert.Island Java - "Valley of Death".So, no doubt you can call it in those days.

Unfortunately, up to now in these places often occur earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.The consequences of such seismic activity is very sad.They lead to numerous destructions and human victims.

In contrast to the central part of the island, the coastal areas are swampy lowlands.There are a large number of lakes and many rivers flows.

island of Java has a fairly winding coast line.It bends are a large number of convenient bays and coves that allow approaching the courts with different planting.

Java Island attractions

coast of the island in almost its entire length has numerous sandy beaches are not wide with small dunes that end tropical jungle.


Java Island is situated near the Earth's equator.This geographical location has a significant impact on the climate of the area.He is equatorial, relatively hot and humid.For the weather on the island is characterized by the absence of seasonal temperature fluctuations.Year-round warm here.The air is warmed in the range from twenty-three to twenty-six degrees.Precipitation on the island - it is usually short-lived tropical storms.Their number during the year may exceed 1000-1100 mm.In the north-western and northern parts of the island, this figure is slightly higher.Sometimes it reaches 3000 mm.


Today Java is home to over one hundred and forty million people.This allows you to recognize it the most populous island in the world.

Most of the inhabitants of Java - Indonesians.Besides these the island is home to a number of ethnic groups, the list of which includes:

- madurtsy;
- Sundanese;
- Minangkabau.

live here and alien people from India, China and Indochina.All of them speak the Malay language that is recognized on the island state.Often in everyday life can be heard Javanese words.Meet the locals in conversation and Chinese dialects.

Island Java reviews

What are the main trends of the national economy, which boasts the island of Java?The population of rural areas and small towns occupied by the cultivation of barley, rice, coffee, including such well-known varieties as "Kopi Luwak".Development on the island and the industry.In such its branches as electronics, processing, mining and textile industry, employment of the population of major cities.

Administrative structure

In Java, the largest in terms of population, on the importance and value - Jakarta.The map can be found in the northwestern part of the island, on the coast.It is the largest town of the Malay archipelago, which is also the capital of Indonesia.The population of Jakarta is 9.6 million people.The list of major cities located in Java include:

- Semarang.
- Yogyakarta.
- Bandung.
- Serang.
- Kudus.
- Gaff.
- Surabaya.
- Malang and others.
According to its administrative structure divided the island into three provinces.This West, East and Central Java.

Pearl Malay Archipelago

into Indonesia includes about seventeen thousand islands.However, Java, without any doubt, is a queen among them.Despite the fact that it is the most populous island of the world, there are many places untouched by man.Travel to Java have the liking of the most adventurous travelers who want to recharge your batteries and get a real drive.The island offers ancient monuments and vast national parks, volcanoes and rice paddies adjacent to dense forests, savannah areas and big cities.


Many tourists who want to get acquainted with Indonesia, first arrive on the island of Java.The country's capital - Jakarta, which is a huge metropolis, serves many of the starting point from which to start the path to more interesting and quiet routes.

This city is very complicated and ambiguous.But it is here that, as a rule, are starting to tourists visiting the island of Java.Only in Jakarta, after a day of sightseeing and regions, you can feel the rich history of the country, its diverse culture and unusual architecture.

The list of interesting places in the capital of Indonesia are numerous exhibition centers and parks.But among them there are those who deserve special attention of tourists.This, for example, the park "Taman Mini."On its territory there are 27 pavilions, each of which demonstrates the traditional buildings, interesting ornaments and other exhibits presented by various provinces.Here you can admire the miniature, which in all details is Indonesia.

attracts tourists and park dreams, located on Anchola.On its territory you can buy ornaments made of bone, batiks and other creations of local artists.
interesting for visitors to Jakarta and center "Tamaya Ismail Narzuki."On its territory there are many areas in which there are five theaters and numerous exhibitions.The complex consists of a ballroom and a planetarium.

main attraction of the capital, which is rightly proud of the island of Java (see below photo) - a National Monument.It is a tower, towering more than 130 meters above the ground.The material for its production served as Italian marble.Top National Monument is decorated with imitation flame made of gold.For Indonesia, this tower is a symbol of the capital.

temples of the island of Java What else can please their guests island of Java?Reviews recommended to include in the list of objects required to visit the Istiqlal Mosque.It is the largest Muslim shrine located in South-East Asia.


Many tourists tend to visit the temples of the island of Java.Getting acquainted with Indonesia, it is impossible not to visit Borobudur.It is the third-largest Buddhist-Hindu temple in the world.For its size is second only kambodzhskomu Borobudur Angkor and Burmese Shwedagon.

Indonesian temple - a step pyramid, whose height is 34 m. It rises it on an artificial hill, embodies the sacred Mount Meru (according to ancient Indian legend, she is the center of the world).According to the theory, any visitor or pilgrim Borobudur begins its ascent "from earth to heaven."And the road leading to the temple is a spiral.Going through it, visitors visiting the terraces of the Borobudur and eight acquainted with the history of Buddhism, carved on a half thousand reliefs and stone sculptures.

population of the island of Java

architecture of the temple shows the influence of Persian, Greek, Indian and Babylonian architects.This magnificent structure, with the upper levels which offers spectacular and grandiose appearance.There is also a statue of Buddha.Legend has it that the one who was able to reach his little finger, certainly waiting for good luck.

island of Java (Indonesia) is rightly proud of this real wonder of the world.After all, Borobudur Temple, which was built 1200 years ago - a beautiful, grand and picturesque building.It survived the eruption of the nearby Mount Merapi, change on the island, not only of policy, but of religion.Save it a beautiful view and after the invasions of treasure hunters.


What else attracts tourists the island of Java?Attractions located in its territory, contain a list of another masterpiece, which stands on the lower rank of Borobudur.This temple complex of Prambanan.Unlike Borobudur, it is the plain, which locals call "The Valley of the Kings."This area is literally dotted with the ruins of ancient buildings.

the capital of the island of Java The complex of Prambanan is a collection consisting of three temples, each of which is dedicated to one of the gods - Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.The walls of these amazing in its beauty reliefs adorn buildings, plots of which are taken scenes from the Indian epic, called "Ramayana."

completion of construction is considered to be 856 Prambanan year.This temple immortalized victory over the Hindu king Pikatana Buddhist king belonging Shailendra dynasty.


What other churches offers to explore the island of Java?Things to be proud of the Javanese, include a list of Kraton palace complex.Locals consider it "navel" of the world.The palace was the island is not only the place of the Sultanate.Javanese believed that here is the center of the universe.

cratons are located in:

- Chamber of the sultan and his family;
- the throne room;
- pavilions for different views;
- Mosque;
- Chamber for contemplation.

in the 19th century.the interior of the palace complex was changed.He gave European features.There were cast-iron columns and Italian marble, furniture and chandeliers in the Rococo style.All these elements of interior are in strong contrast with the Javanese Kraton basis.


far from the bustling metropolis of Jakarta is a quiet town.Only an hour drive from the metropolis on the train and you are in Bogor, famous on the island for its huge size botanical garden.Here you can see the biggest flower on earth - "amorfofaldus Titanic."

Locals Bogor is called "the city of the rain."Indeed, every afternoon there is sure to rain.That is why in the botanical garden is better to walk early in the morning.Visitors gaze open amazing trees that look like bell-bottoms.There is a Mexican garden, orchid garden and much more.The Royal Park, which is next door, deer roam.

Gunung Halimun

This is one of many national parks, the island of Java.From the rest of it is different in that the road to it is relatively simple.Anyone traveling from Bogor just half an hour.

the island of Java, Indonesia

Park Gunung Halimun worth a visit for those tourists who are lovers of flora and fauna.Here you can see a large number of plants, more than a dozen species of birds and mammals (including the endangered West Javan gibbon).


This city was founded by the Dutch in the 18th century.Select it tourists get acquainted with the eastern part of Java Island.Malang attracts visitors with its surroundings, which lie the cozy coffee plantations.Here there are numerous Hindu temples, built on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan that locals consider sacred.Near Malang spread most famous beaches among tourists, the most popular of which is considered Balekambang.From the city you can quickly reach such volcanoes as seper, Bromo and Ijen.These Malang on pubic transport.

Taman Sari

there in Java and special attractions.One of them is the Taman Sari.It is a water castle, built specially for the Sultan in 1758 Taman Sari is a park palace complexes with channels and pools.The castle is laid underground tunnels and secret rooms provide special.