The most beautiful girl of Russia: Top 10

Russian girl deservedly considered the most beautiful and attractive in the world.Statistics says that it is our beauties many foreigners want to take a wife.And it's not the external beauty and attractiveness and endless fascination, bottomless soul, a big heart and boundless devotion.All these qualities distinguish our Russian women among the other representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

In this article we will try to understand who they are - the most beautiful women of Russia?

10th place.Zoya Berber

idol of modern youth, a wonderful actress and a beautiful girl has received recognition for millions of viewers.Zoe was born on the first day of autumn 1987.Since childhood, she wanted to learn something new and unknown.As a teenager, Zoe seriously fascinated shitёm and even sewed their own outfit yourself to the prom.Despite his passion, she still decided to devote himself to acting activities.The beginning was the going to college of art and culture.Already in 2010, Zoe has made her fi

rst and major success.She was cast in Lera famous Russian TV series "Real boys."With this fateful event, she won the majority of Russian viewers his actor's talent.The most beautiful girl in Russia

9th place.Christine Asmus

Christine Asmus continues our rating "The most beautiful girl of Russia."The real name of the young actress - Myasnikov.Christina was born April 14, 1988 in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region.As a child, the future actress was active in gymnastics and even achieved in this area significant progress - became a candidate for master of sports.Then Christina tried his hand at modeling activities.In 2008 he entered the Higher Theatre School.Schepkina.Now the young actress is not engaged in any activity of the theater, no movies.Christine, along with his beloved husband Garik Kharlamov (Russia resident comedy show "Comedy Club") brings little daughter.

The most beautiful girl Russian celebrities

8th place.Julia Snigir

first beauty Julia Snigir lit on television in the music video of famous Russian rock group "Animals".Further, career young beauty quickly rushed up.

Julia was born June 2, 1983 in the city of Donskoy, Tula Region.On account of the actress has many famous roles, including Gaa Parliament in the famous sci-fi action film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island".It was after this fine performance she sunk into the hearts of many men.

most beautiful girls Photo Russia

7th place.Alena Shishkov

course, Alain Shishkov deserves a place of honor in the list of "most beautiful celebrities."Girls Russia has long been the object of a role model in the world, and the young model in this case - is no exception.Alena today successful not only in the modeling business, but also in family life, because few people know that she is the mother of the child known rapper Timati.

Black Star and Alain has for a long time lived together, but she had not agreed to become his lawful wife.

flashed first model in the contest "Miss Russia" in 2012 and took second place.But despite the fact that it does not become a winner there, many men think that she should be the first place ranking "The most beautiful girl of Russia."

Top samyz beautiful Russian girls

6th place.Maria Sharapova

This lovely young athlete for a long time considered to be the subject of millions of girls to follow.Beautiful, charming, dazzling tennis ranks 6th on our list of "The most beautiful girl of Russia."Where is born our famous athlete?In the town of Nyagan April 19, 1987.Despite her age, she is already a five-time Grand Slam champion, winner of the Fed Cup in 2008, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in 2012, and the ex-first racket of the world.Mary has become the face of several well-known cosmetic companies and jewelery, shot for many magazines, and more recently it was one of the leaders in advertising earnings among athletes.We wish Marie good luck in the upcoming tennis championships.

10 most beautiful girls of Russia

5th place.Natalia Rudova

This blonde beauty won the hearts of the audience with his multimillion actor's talent, true beauty and infinitely kind heart.These qualities brought Natalia Rudova deserved place in the top 5 most beautiful women of Russia.

young actress Born July 2, 1983.Few people know that since childhood she paints.This activity brings her calm and joy.

In 2003, Natalia graduated from the College of Culture.After that, the future actress was engaged in the modeling business.She repeatedly flashed on the covers of famous magazines.

first sang the role of Natasha in the film "Tatyana's Day", where she played Tatiana Barinov.Now the young actress has been on the TV screens than immensely pleased their fans.

The most beautiful girl in Russia where

4th place.Irina Shayk

Rating of the most beautiful girls of Russia continues the Russian model Irina Shayk name.The present name of the girl - Irina Shayhlislamova.World famous model born January 6, 1986.For the first time a girl flashed on television screens in 2004 at Chelyabinsk beauty contest "Supermodel 2004", which took a well-deserved first place.Here it and noticed Dzhikidze Gia, who immediately invited her to become a model.

Currently, Irina is working with well-known magazines and is the face of several major companies.As you know, for a while Irina was the wife of a civil famous footballer - Cristiano Ronaldo.

ranking of the most beautiful girls Russian

3rd place.Oxana Fedorova

extraordinary beauty girl was born Dec. 17, 1977 in the city of Pskov.Speciality Oksana does not correspond to its charming appearance, because Fedorov - Police Major.

In 2002, she took office as associate professor of "Civil Law", and in 2007 Fedorov became more and candidate of legal sciences.

Oksana also has been involved in several motion pictures, where she played bit parts.In 2008, the girl was asked to become the face of jewelry firm.Apart from its natural beauty, Oksana has a great and kind heart.It has for several years been actively involved in charity work.That is why the beautiful, good-natured Oksana deservedly included in the list of "most beautiful celebrities (Russian girls)."

Russia the most beautiful girls

2nd place.Olga Fadeeva

this wonderful actress Born October 15, 1978.From early childhood, Olga wanted to follow in the footsteps of parents and become a ballerina.But the girl for some reason was not accepted.In 1990, Olga entered the Academy of Arts, and after some time she was offered to play in a video of Dima Malikov.After that, the creative career of actress goes uphill.Olga takes first role in the film titled "Venus Star".Then he invites her to play Irina Pyleevu in the film "Soldiers".Due to the remarkable performance of Olga sunk into the hearts of millions of viewers.That is why Fadeev takes 2nd place in the list of "most beautiful girl of Russia" (see photo below).

What are the most beautiful girls in Russia

1st place.Marina Aleksandrova

This woman - a standard of female beauty, elegance and grace.Marina was born on August 29, 1982 in Hungary.Parents future actress wanted the girl to become a translator.Since childhood, Marina wanted to try yourself in different spheres.She is actively involved in music and mathematics.At age 14, she decided to try his hand at theater.

In 1999 he entered the Shchukin Drama School.His first role Marina performed in the movie "Northern Lights" and after that did not descend from the TV screen.Many viewers fell in love with an actress, not only for its beauty, but also tenderness, charm and immense talent.Therefore, this beautiful actress deserves a place in our ranking leader of "10 most beautiful girls of Russia."

Who is the most beautiful in Russia


Each of these women has a wonderful flavor.But all of them connects one single quality - the true beauty.Well, these beauties have already achieved a lot in his life, so we wish them success.