Social position and its dependence on the ideals of society

Social status - a status of a person in a particular society that defines his role in it and place in the hierarchy of society.Depending on the priority ideals of society, one and the same person with identical personal qualities, material prosperity, ancestry and other source may occupy different niches in it.Researchers distinguish between social status of three types: innate (derived from birth), acquired (achieved through own resources, knowledge and skills) and ordered (this position is acquired through social relation to a certain category of people to which the individual belongs to the children, the elderly, war heroesand labor, etc.).

social status

consumer society

For example, in this age of consumer society of high or low status of a person depends primarily on the economic viability.Thus, for a society where the primary criterion is the possibility of acquiring material goods, it is an important indicator of the socio-economic situation, and not the privilege of the nobility, or something else.A

nother important point: the consumer society is characterized not earnings, namely the need for continuous acquisition: monthly perishable products, specially made so clothes, fashion which changes every season.Outcasts are those who acquire, their social status is usually low.

social status is

other societies and their ideals

socio-economic situation However, the social situation in different societies in human history would be dependent entirely different reasons.So, in a primitive community high amount of material wealth alone does not matter.Since the brand have not yet been developed commodity-money relations.However, the social situation created by the generosity of a man to the tribesmen, gifts chiefs or priests device lush feasts.Such a person has gained in popularity, and with it the highest rank in his tribe.In the era of military feudalism in early medieval Europe, social status was determined by the service to the king, who was then the first soldier.Thus, the first king threw himself into the battle, thus proving their claims, and the most effective soldiers after battles took on land holdings, their king's favor and, of course, high social status.Centuries later, the descendants of these glorious soldiers have become hereditary nobles.In this society, it was important innate social status, which is passed from generation to generation.The importance of families, and past achievements have already been kind of a sufficient reason for inclusion in the national government, respect for the upper classes and a priori admiration from the lower strata.With the rise of capitalism in Europe, many ancient noble houses are losing their significance.In the arena go have accumulated fabulous wealth of the capitalists, who are playing an increasingly important role in the internal politics of states and later in international relations.Titles of nobility are preserved today, but in our age they are more decorative attachment.