M300 mixes: Flow and reviews

Dry mixes is now very much in demand in the construction.Virtually every process in this area accompanied the use of any of them.This adhesive mixtures, primers, plaster, putty, even paint.sand concrete M300

Among them are sand concrete - a mixture of modern construction, not shrink.Used to create high floors.Wear resistance.

mixes made in the factory using high quality mixers, dryers, feeders strain.These instruments measure out the right amount of constituent elements, their thoroughly mixed, dried and filled into kraft bags.Gone manual mixing of components "by eye", the dirt in the workplace.

mixes actively used in the construction and repair.There are several varieties of it.Depending on the composition (the amount and size of grain of sand) and destination he labeled differently.Thus, a mixture of M150 is composed of lime and is suitable for outdoor use, plastering walls.The mixture M200 - Mason.Mixes M300 is more suitable for floor screed.

composition mixes M300

  • fine-grained river sand, 1.5-3 mm fractions
  • Granotsev the same size.
  • Portland.
  • additives (plasticizers, modifiers), which increase the rate of hardening and resistance to frost.

Where Used sand concrete

  • Repair.
  • Building.
  • Restoration.M300 sand concrete price


  • viability of this solution - 2 hours (at 20 degrees).
  • strength - 300 kg per square centimeter.
  • is gaining strength 28 hours.
  • 1 kg of the mixture is 0.2 liters of water.Twice stirred mixer with a break of 10 minutes.


  • mixes M300 "Finstroy" is intended for the primary rough leveling floors, eliminating joints between concrete slabs, for pouring the foundation.It is best used in rooms with not very high humidity and minor mechanical effects on the surface of the floor.It's basically a living room and industrial construction.Pour a layer of 10 to 15 mm.If the use reinforcing steel, the layer thickness can be increased to 10 cm. The weight of the bag, which sells sand concrete M300 50 kg.Price - 85-106 rubles.
  • mixes M300 BESTO consists of Portland cement, silica sand, superplasticizer C-3.Suitable for screed floors, sidewalks, floors.It is used also in the manufacture of expanded clay.The price of the bag - 140 rubles.
  • mixes M300 NOVAMIX - very plastic form of a mixture of a material such as sand concrete M300.The price of the bag - 85-105 rubles.
  • mixes rapid solidification, the price of the bag - 70-85 rubles.
  • mixes M300 "Stone Flower".Time is completely dry - one day.Apply the mixture can be at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius to 5 heat.Maximum thickness - 10 cm, 15 mm - Minimum thickness of the solution, which may be sand concrete M300.Flow - 15-17 kg per square meter.
  • mixes M300 Quick Beton ("fast concrete").The name speaks for itself.It is used to fill the strong conventional and underfloor heating, construction of concrete walls.It has a good quality / price ratio.Shelf life - 6 months.Adhesion (ability to adhere to the surface) - 0.3 MPa.The temperature range in which you can use products from 50 to 70 degrees below zero.

release form

50 kg M300 sand concrete price

sale in packages in the form of a dry mix, which is easy to prepare on the application site.Typically, the weight of the bag, which sells sand concrete M300 50 kg.Packages weighing 40 kg and 25 kg are used when necessary a small amount of the mixture, or bags to carry away.

Benefits mixes M300

  • away.
  • quickly hardens.
  • does not shrink.
  • resistant to low temperatures.
  • resistant to high humidity.
  • Fireproof.
  • waterproof.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • low price.


mixes M300 is very popular among builders and people from time to time engaged in the construction and repair work.

From it produce:

  • track;
  • tile sidewalk;
  • borders;
  • mortar;
  • blind area;
  • foundation;
  • floors.sand concrete M300 50 kg

mixes M300 use large construction companies, property developers, owners of private homes, cottages and apartments.Indeed, in each building from time to time there is a need to carry out repairs, in-line or urgent.


  • Antifreeze provides an opportunity to work with construction mixes with the cold to -15 degrees.
  • Superplasticizers help establish self-leveling floor.

fraction of filler can be increased up to 6 mm.

method of using

first preparatory works.

surface on which the solution will be applied Unmodified must be thoroughly cleaned of all debris, remove grease stains, seal the holes and crevices.

With level put beacons that will align the solution and get a strictly horizontal surface.

Unmodified dry mixture is diluted with water.One part of the mixture is necessary to take 5 parts of water.Mikser mixed until until a homogeneous plastic mass.

Base need to moisten with water just before pouring.

M300 sand concrete consumption

prepared solution is poured into the prepared surface between beacons.Its amount is determined so that it was convenient to work with.

dub rule.After 36 hours the floor tiles can be laid.It dries completely after seven days.

measures qualitative drying

  • three days to avoid contact with the surface of the sun.
  • protection at the time of the draft.
  • periodically moisten with water.

Expansion joints

If the load on the floor of the concrete exceeds its strength, it is destroyed.Cracks also occur in the inside when dry, and under the influence of temperature change.To crack was less need to cut special joints which is called deformation.

floor area is divided into squares seams or similar shapes.The length of the building joints are cut at a distance that is equal to the width of the screed.In areas having a width of more than three meters, it is necessary to make the center longitudinal seam.On the doors and the outside corners are also needed stitches in order to avoid the appearance of cracks.

When making ties in a day (pieces) to do construction joints.

All seams are cut by a third the width of the screed.At the same time the concrete will crack all the same, but it will do it under your leadership in a given you direction.


sand concrete M300 Leroy Merlin

When working with a mixture of sand concrete M300 need:

  • use protective rubberized gloves;
  • close respiratory respirator or bandage.

Surface preparation for laying laminate

When renovating a bathroom floor screed mixes spend.It is convenient to lay the tiles.Already making a tie more than 3 mm, you really feel the savings.In other cases, use JavaScript "screed".

For example, removing the wood floors, you have decided to replace them on the floorboard or laminate.To do this, you need to make a screed thickness of 15 centimeters.Technology is the same as that described above.

coating on the floor can be laid at the end of seven days from the date of manufacture of the screed.

mixes M300: price

One cubic meter of construction mixes M300 is 3380 rubles, masonry - 3720 rubles.Price depends on the manufacturer, packaging and included in the materials.Typically, the weight of the bag, which sells sand concrete M300 50 kg.The price of one varies from 70 to 140 rubles.If bulk purchase, it is much lower.


Many used sand concrete M300.Reviews indicate that the fraction of a homogeneous surface after drying it does not crumble or crack.

sand concrete M300 Reviews

Customers who are constantly engaged in repair works, consider that the material has excellent compression, but at the same time point out that sometimes there are cracks.

Rave reviews on leave consumers mixes M300 production company "Magma".The mixture is reliable and strong.

Dry mixes, including sand concrete M300 "Leroy Merlin" by some customers have received bad reviews.Others are consumers of products bought in these building hypermarkets, like the quality and the price.

Some consumers report that they got fake - a mixture of poor quality.From such strong ties fail.Consumers say that although they were complied with all technological requirements, they do not violate the technology used expansion joints, tie still cracked over the entire area.

experienced builders Give advice on how to make the solution more quickly gain its strength.It is recommended to 10 minutes after cooking to cover it with a cloth or wet chips and well.Do not be afraid to pour the excess water.In the initial stages of the moisture in concrete will not be superfluous.

Buyers report that the appearance mixes much easier for them to process work.No need to look for a filler to be afraid to make a mistake in the proportions.He poured water, stir - and play!