Appetizer in tartlets - a lot of interesting recipes

Any festive meal begins with appetizers.Most recently, the main assistant mistress had a magic notebook with recipes.Today, its place is the Internet, the vast where you can find a million ways to prepare delicious salads and other dishes for the table.

Perfect alternative to traditional food is a snack tartlet.Crisp baskets can be served with any stuffing.We'll share a few popular recipes, but first let's talk about themselves tartlets.

Buy or cook?

finished tartlets can be bought in almost every store, in this case, pay attention to their composition.The second option - to bake your own, there is nothing easier than to cook a little sand baskets.snack tartlet

to one glass of flour, add half a teaspoon of baking soda, vinegar extinguished, and 100 grams of sour cream and butter.Begin to knead the dough - it will take about another 200 grams of flour.Roll out the dough and spread on special shaper.Bake tartlets sand 7-9 minutes at 190 degrees.

for delicacies

Delicatessen filling for tartlets for a snack do

es not require special training.To fill the baskets can be purchased or red caviar - depending on budget meal.Add to snack a pat of butter and a few green leaves.

similar decoration suitable for outlets with paste, but there is a caveat.Terrine of beef or chicken liver guests exactly tried not once, but if you can buy the famous French meal of foie gras (duck or a dish of goose liver), the holiday table will long remember.


snacks in tartlets can be prepared only seafood.The most popular option - shrimp with various additives.As a rule, a simple salad made of boiled shrimp, eggs and a small amount of olives.snacks in tartlets recipes

most interesting recipes require further baking in the oven.Finely chop and season with a mixture of shrimp and scallops.Place the seafood in baskets ready and pour egg yolk, mixed with cream and dill.Sprinkle with grated cheese, and ten minutes later snack tartlet ready for submission to the table.

snacks in tartlets

Recipes for Vegetarians are not as popular.For those who adhere to strict rules, talented chefs have come up with a recipe without traditional tartlets.The basis of this feast is the potato.

into molds for baking a thick layer of grated potato is laid out - on the bottom and sides.For more spaciousness use pans with high sides.Bake at 220 degrees until done.

stuffed eggplant is prepared quite simply.Washed and dried vegetables are fried in a little oil.For the sauce in a pan heated 1/3 hours. L.ground coriander, a pinch of fenugreek leaves (fenugreek) and 1/2 hours. pepper, then add 250 ml cream.Mix the sauce with eggplant and simmer until thick.Prepared potato baskets fill stuffing.Appetizer in tartlets decorated with sprigs of greenery using cherry or quarters.

Guests on the doorstep

Each family has left the fast recipes.Choose snacks for the holiday table?Tartlets - this is an excellent option, the preparation of which does not take long.Here are some simple culinary formulas.snacks festive table tartlets

  1. Boiled chicken + sweet pepper and cucumber + green salad and mayonnaise.
  2. Curd cheese + + garlic fresh dill.
  3. Hot smoked fish + cucumber + special dressing (1 tbsp. L. Mayonnaise, 1 ch. L. Of mustard and 1 tbsp. L. Of low-fat sour cream).
  4. Hard cheese + + garlic mayonnaise.
  5. Cod Liver + pickles + boiled egg + onions + mayonnaise.


Fillings for tartlets for snacks and desserts, it is desirable to prepare before the feast, while guests can fully appreciate your skill and ingenuity.

filling for tartlets for a snack

Even small children will be happy to tuck into tender baskets with sweet ingredients.Fill the prepared custard outlet with seasonal berries and whipped cream.Stuffing until the last moment should be refrigerated to shortbread dough is strongly impregnated and has not lost its crispness.

real chocolate treat to cook very simple.


- 150 grams of dark chocolate;

- 4 tbsp.l.maple syrup;

- 3 tbsp.l.sugar;

- 4 tbsp.l.butter.

Melt sweet mixture over low heat, add at the end of three eggs.In each mold, place the chopped pecans (can substitute walnuts) and fill with cooked stuffing.Excellent dessert will be ready in 20-25 minutes in the oven.


Tartlets stuffed - not a new dish.However, you can surprise your guests, not only with unusual combinations of ingredients and original appearance.

a multilevel entertainment vase will look more appetizing.Also, do not forget the decoration baskets.Sweet versions complement the fresh berries or grit, and savory - greens, olives and slices of cherry tomatoes or peppers.