If the drive does not work, what to do?

sometimes on the forums can be found the question: "Do not drive works, what to do?" In fact, even such seemingly reliable device, the drive for the CD-ROM may be damaged.As it usually happens, the cause of the problem vary widely, and accurately identify the source of a failure is possible only after the analysis of some indirect factors.the drive does not work what to do If the drive does not work, what to do, we will indicate on.


Some users have noticed that after recording several CDs in succession drive may refuse to read new or starts to record the following errors.Interestingly 10-20 minutes all by itself comes back to normal.Miracles and silicic little logic compatible, so this strange behavior of readers is explained quite simply - it overheats.Despite the fact that the laser beam has little power when it is used continuously drive's internal temperature increases, which affects the work of all its systems - hence the problem.It is often compounded by the fact that the flow of air in the closed case the avera

ge user is not blown drives.Thus, the question: "Does not work the drive, what to do?" - Can be answered as follows: the device must be secured so that around him was a free space in which the temperature could be dissipated, or install an additional fan.

tupit the computer what to do Flex

This is the most common cause, because of which the web created the theme "Do not drive works, what to do?".With the advent of standard SATA computer community safely forgotten the problems associated with incompatible devices IDE.Now, all the nuances of configuring the controller took over, freeing the user from having to monitor the correctness of billing modes - Slave or Master.However, sometimes you can find the question: "When the CD or DVD tupit the computer what to do?" In this case, you must turn off your computer, open the cover and remove the system unit from the board and the drive train of SATA, and then connect back.Cheap wire interface used in most computers lack of metal clamps, which is why the constant vibration of the drive violates the contact, and the device stops working.If this does not work, then you need to connect the trail to another SATA port on the motherboard and replace the wire with a new (external damage nothing says).

BIOS It does not open the drive to do

All modern BIOS provides the ability to switch between controllers: IDE, RAID, AHCI.If the hard drive is no problem, some older models of the CD may refuse to work normally in any of the modes due to compatibility issues.For solutions you can try to change the controller to the desired command system (go to the BIOS - DEL key when you turn on the computer), or flash the BIOS file the current version.

software glitch

No less often the cause of problems is a bug in the driver.In Windows, go to "Computer - Properties - Device Manager - DVD drives" and remove the drive from the list.After rebooting, it will be re-discovered and the problem may disappear.

not open the drive, what to do?

In this case, the conductor on the letter of the drive to press the right mouse button and select "Remove."If the carriage is ejected, the faulty mechanics, otherwise, most likely, will have to think about changing to the new drive.