Registry Cleaner - How to perform

registry cleaner or not

There are diametrically opposite views on the need to perform this operation.On the one hand, on modern computers is enough capacity to not pay attention to such trifles.How much space can be freed after the most thorough cleaning?In the clinical case - only 20 megabytes and the possibility of a problem after the system glitches?From another point of view, littered registry can slow down the operating system and contribute to its failure.Let us take the second option.Cleaning the registry - that's a bargain, consider various options for its implementation, as a lot of them.

standard method of cleaning

clean up your registry Experienced computer users can clean the registry Windows 7 using the standard way: start with "Start", then "Search programs and files" enter regedit and we start ... Go toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and start to work.You can do many useful things to the inventory of your device: good clean startup, change the program settings to their various passwords

.This is the most reliable, high-quality and trouble-free way to clean the registry, but use it only recommended for advanced users.For everyone else, there are many different programs ready for the money or for free help you.

Shoe program CCleaner

This program is one of the most reliable and also very easy to use.It performs several important functions: remove the program, clean registry good idea to clear the cache, there is what we need clean up your registry.We find (on the site of the producer), download, install and run.Then everything is clear and simple, do not even read the instructions.Find the item "Registry", click, and then click on the "Search problems" and a couple of minutes, we have a list of the analysis of the inventory files that are damaged, for example, as a result of improper installation of any program.Hit appeared on digging "Correct ...", we get a proposal to make a backup copy of files.Solve this question at their own discretion and re-press "Edit ...".We have the option to delete all at once, with one entry or groups.Operations scanning and removal is recommended to perform several times, as each time can be detected all new mistakes.Cleaning the registry is complete.CCleaner program available to users in two ways - paid and free.The first provides a more in-depth scan and removal.

Other methods of purification

clean registry windows 7 There is, as already mentioned, a lot of different tools to perform an operation such as cleaning of the registry.Here are some examples.One note: previously recommended users read the reviews about these utilities.Since some programs may be more harm than good, and will have to due to damage to reinstall the system.You can use Reg Organizer, Regcleaner, AVZ, Auslogics Disk Defrag and many others.A special case is Advanced SystemCare Pro - a utility that includes a variety of tools to configure, optimize and increase the performance of the devices.It conducts a complete analysis of the system, including the registry, and then provides a list of errors that must be corrected.Very good and reliable software, particularly its paid version has full functionality.