How to add the site to "Google" and reach the top?

Why should you add your site to search engines

very simple.Can you imagine the search engine itself, it signals that the site appears on the network.Obviously, sooner or later, the search engine itself "will catch" and connect the site to the search index.But it would be better if it advance in this little help.The procedure, which will add the site to "Google" will not take much time.In addition, the owner will be able to view detailed statistics of visits to your site.

add a site to Google


immediately be noted that the Russian-speaking Internet currently has four major search engine.These include, Google, "Rambler" and "Yandex".The main functions of the search was shared between Google and "Yandex".From these search engines indexing depends largely on the personal fate of the project and how effectively you can add a site to "Google."The other two have not currently play a significant role.And if the site is in the top and at Google, and "Yandex", then with the rest of the search engines everyth

ing will be fine.In other words, if you could add the site to "Google" and "Yandex", the flow of visitors is provided to you.

How to register in Google

How to register in the "Google"

Google Inc. provides a private room, where a user adds a website.This so-called Webmaster Tools.If you already have an account, you need to enter your personal username and password, if not, then first go through the registration procedure.After that, press the line "Add Site" (red button).All - site added.Bids received confirmation of their rights to control personal site.By and large, the site is now added to Google, but authorization is required (if you want to see which pages are indexed, and which yet).There are a number of ways to confirm.You can choose any.

"Google Analytics"

Not to mention the work of the "Google Analytics".This luxury Statistical Service, which tracks how many visitors went to the site, where they "arrived" that they are interested in how many people came back after a few days.It is recommended to connect the site with this service, so you can analyze the information and correct errors.

add the site to search engines

How to add a site map

happens that the search engines for a long time can not "catch" a new website, accordingly, it is not indexed, it is not visitors.To speed up the process of large systems, including the "Google" are requested to complete a special form to the newly created site.This form is sometimes called "Googley addurilka."Its filling can accelerate the process of indexing (if your site does not violate the rules and is not covered by the filter).After completing this process, it is desirable to add another site map.To do this in the branch "Site Configuration" on the left side of the page activate submenus.Next you need to select "file SitemapĀ», which go to "Loading card."Fits file path and expect.Crawler grinds saytovuyu map to add a site to "Google."As a result, soon you'll have to study a report on the indexed pages.