Metro "Red Guard" - a piece of history

Moscow Metro is celebrating his eightieth birthday.The path of its development can not be called easy, for the past 80 years have been ups and downs.Still, he was and remains one of the most convenient, comfortable and beautiful subway in the world.

little history

Subway construction in Moscow began in the thirties of the last century.It can be divided into three stages.

Subway Krasnogvardejskaya • 1935 - 1955.

Each station was built on a separate project from expensive materials, decorated with paintings, reliefs, sculptures, original lighting.Each has its own way unique.But it was a long and expensive.

• 1955 - 1970.

With the advent of new neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city need to increase the pace of construction of underground and cheaper materials.The focus began to make expensive than individual projects, and cost types.Steel is the estimate for the construction of each station, which was necessary to meet.So there were the same type of inputs - "glass" and the station twin, differing only the color of t

he tiles on the floor.

• 1970 - present time.

Metropolitan entered a new stage of development.We began to develop projects that are organically combined the reasonable costs and a decent design.They began again to use natural stone, painting, original lighting, bas-reliefs.


«Red Guard" metro station is just beginning to build in these years.Therefore, in its construction and decoration was used a lot of new construction methods and materials of which made her unique.The interior decoration of the hall there is a natural stone - marble and granite.

Krasnogvardeyskaya metro station station erected construction management number 12, were part of the "Mosmetrostroy" by architects Shumakov NIPetukhova and IGin collaboration with NV ShuryginaFor the well-known and well-deserved is now the architect Nicholas Shumakov metro station "Red Guard" was the first work in the underground industry.

station was built by the shallow foundation, it goes underground only 9 m, vaulted, is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure with a dome, elegant caissons made in 11 rows in accordance with the well-known "Parisian style".

Opening of metro station took place in early September 1985.It received its name because of former Krasnogvardeysky district of Moscow, on whose territory is located.Now address the metro station "Red Guard" is as follows: Area "Zyablikovo" Walnut Boulevard, the entrance to the metro station № 8.

Interior and Design

Interior decoration station inspired by the theme of the October Revolution.Here, all solemn, calm and even gloomy.Walls of dark red marble harmoniously interspersed asphalt color granite floor.The hall is illuminated by large wooden fixtures with square shades, located along the middle and surrounded by simple wooden benches.Metro "Red Guard" - one of those stations whose name was not written on the track walls and lampshades on lamps in the center of the room.

Metro Red Guard on the subway in Moscow bright spots stand out at the ends of the station themed stained glass, illuminated from within, and patriotic slogans such as "Workers of all countries, unite!".

Since its construction nor the name of the station or the original appearance has not changed.In the nineties, it makes suggestions to rename it "Zyablikovo" but fortunately it did not happen.

Route movement

«Red Guard" metro station is part of the plot "Nut" - "Red Guard" in the "Zyablikovo" and until December 2012 was the closing Zamoskvoretskaya line.In 2012, it ceased to be the final, as it was decided to extend the line to the area Brateevo and build another station called "Alma-Ata".Since not all trains pass to the station, the two-way working a dead end, located outside the metro station "Red Guard" is still used for night sludge, traffic and service trains.


The station has two lobby and four walks in the city, leading to the opposite sides of the intersection of streets and Ash Musa Jalil, as well as Walnut Boulevard.

East Lobby will show titled largest intercity bus station.

Address Metro Red Guard In 2011, in the center of the metro station "Red Guard" transitional bridge was built, connecting it to the station "Zyablikovo" located on the Lublin-Dmitrov line.It was equipped with an elevator, but only by "Krasnogvardeyskaya" if it is necessary to go to the elevator on the other side, you have to leave the paid area and again cross the turnstile.

station starts at 5:50 on odd and even days at 5:35.The first train leaves from her at 5:40 am in the direction of the station "River Station".Reception of passengers ends at 01:00.

Metro "Red Guard" on a map of the Moscow Metro is very easy to find.If you open the scheme of the Moscow subway, it is enough to look in the lower right corner.Next to the most extreme "Violet Metro" line marked in purple is "Zamoskvoretskaya" green, on which the metro station "Red Guard."