Preparing for the holiday: Christmas crafts with their hands

New Year without a doubt, the most fun, fabulous and beloved holiday for kids and adults.It is celebrated not only at home, in the family circle, but also in kindergartens.At matinees boys and girls in carnival costumes with fun play to parents funny skits, read poems, sing, lead dances.However, very nice, the view is held not only in the games room, and the room, which is decorated accordingly.

Holiday prepare yourselves!

Christmas crafts with their hands not only educators, but also parents can take active part in the organization of joyous celebrations, for example by making a Christmas crafts for kindergarten.Sea options are possible, too, need only show a little creativity and desire.For example, bags for gifts, decorated with deer heads.Santa Claus is coming because of the Lapland reindeer sleigh!Ready?Then we get down (let the parents come together and produce a pleasant surprise for all children in the group).

Gift Package

  • Our Christmas crafts kindergarten start with the fact that all children need to describe both
    her hands.They will become cliches for reindeer horns, and every kid will be nice to get my "registered" bags.The stencils cut from the dense velvety colored paper.
  • From the dense brown paper bags glued together, which are products.Or buy any number of children.The corners of the cover package to cut at an angle so that it resembles a deer muzzle.Next
  • our Christmas crafts with their hands do so: on the cover in black and white marker draw eyes, red - a large nose, then black again - something like rotika smile.
  • glue behind palm-horns.All bag ready.It is possible to put candy, fruit, small toys, Souvenir, ieall that is supposed to give kiddies in the garden after a matinee.The kids will love, believe me!In addition, the package can be okleit Glitter confetti write some short wish.

Festive Star

Christmas crafts for kindergarten Master Christmas crafts with their hands still nice because adults themselves are dipped into a happy, serene atmosphere of childhood.In addition to the work they can attract and toddlers.Then the activity becomes more interesting and exciting twice!For example, try together to create just such a star in the format «3D».Taking their stuff 5-6, hang on the Christmas tree, you will have a great decoration.The colors for the super-stars Pick up randomly, who have like.Prepare the same Christmas crafts with their hands so:

  • take tight, velvet colored paper, cut out two completely identical five-pointed star (arbitrary size).It is possible to make a stencil on it and cut blanks of different colors.Such "semi-finished" make 10-12.
  • Decorate their circles confetti.
  • In each pair of stars perform cuts: one from the outside corner to the point at the other of the inner corner to the center.
  • Christmas crafts kindergarten later put on the blank slot on one another.That they have not broken up - Con transparent tape.Make of golden thread loop and hang your star on the Christmas tree!

tree from palms

Original Christmas crafts with their hands, which are ideally suited for both home and kindergarten can be done, for example, in the form of Christmas trees.As Christmas legs fit stencils palms - the kids in the garden, or all members of your family.

  • Take colored paper all shades of green.Make stencils hands: draw out on colored paper, cut out.
  • detsadike In the game room, you can hang on the wall of a large sheet of drawing paper.It draw the outline tree (large triangle).And bottom-up stick palm-foot, alternating colors.The trunk is brown paint.At the top draw a star.Decorate the Christmas tree can be a miracle, pasted rain, confetti, etc.And if the hack is intended as a surprise for a holiday home, then you need to build it in the room where the family will gather at the festive table.

and let your New Year will be joyful and happy!