How to make a paper boat, to let him sail

Surely each of us in childhood secret from the teachers did a boring lesson, airplane or ship from a paper.Over time, we forgotten the order of folding the sheet, although remember that it was extremely easy.And now, since we have small children, we want to entertain, it's time to remember how to make a boat with their hands, with only one sheet of paper.How to make a Paper Ship

starting materials

As already mentioned, this origami only one sheet of A-4.To a child it was interesting, it can be just a fleet of boats and make a match.Then you need to stock up on a few sheets of double-sided colored paper of different colors.But if you are going to lower their products on the water - in the streams, or just to the bathroom or pelvis - you need to make sure that the boat is not soaked and drowned immediately.To do this, at the end of the process must be melted in the fire paraffin or wax (children do not trust it - do it yourself).Carefully grease the bottom and sides of products and let dry.On this, the first step is to t

hink about how to make a paper boat and how it will be.

the planned fold line

How to make a boat with their hands

For starters try to create a very simple model.But before you make a paper boat, you need to define a fold line.A sheet 4 is folded along the length of the half.Then, once folded the paper.Thus, the paper is folded by a quarter.Now straighten the last fold.Put a folded paper folded in front of him up.

of rectangles - to the triangle

What next?How to make a paper boat? pulls the top (folded) edge to the middle, to the intended fold line.Since the beginning we have worked with a rectangle rather than a square, at the bottom we were blatant strips of paper.These will be bent upwards, but from both sides.Protruding ends of these strips Bends the base of the triangle, and with the two sides on the overlap.Now we have a right triangle with an angle of 90 degrees.If you expand a little edge, you get a field cap worn by painters during the repair.

From triangle - to the square

How to craft paper

Take the center of the triangle and drag the edges in opposite directions.Squeeze the two opposite edges to each other.You have turned the square.This is not the boat, but it is - an extremely important stage in the process, how to make a paper boat. Fold the bottom edge of the square in all directions and up.You have a triangle again, only a little more.Grab over the protruding corners and gently pull the product in different directions.If necessary, configure your fingers straight bumpers.Smooth out the paper.This will give the boat stability.

final stage

Because you have remembered how to make craft paper, We now turn its decoration and improved swimming skills.Armed with pens, draw on the "deck" cabin windows and on board - anchor and, most importantly, the name of the ship.In the bowl of melted wax dip the bottom of the article to the paper is soaked in water.Allow the wax to harden.Now you can safely lower the ship on the water!