List of films with Jennifer Lopez - three of the most memorable roles of the American pop diva

list of movies with Jennifer Lopez is vast, so it makes no sense to talk about all of her works.This talented woman first and foremost a singer and dancer, and only then she - an actress.However, films with her participation loved by the audience, so let's talk about three of the most famous of them.List of films with Jennifer Lopez, which we will discuss in this article is as follows: "Maid in Manhattan," "Shall We Dance" and "I've had enough."

Cinderella beginning of the XXI century - "Maid in Manhattan" (2002)

a list of movies with Jennifer Lopez

In the film, there are signs of a classic, archetypal story, but with some adjustments for our time: the poor, but very hardworking Latino girl who dreams of another, a fairytale life.She works as a maid in a hotel and wants to break out in people - to become a hotel manager.In contrast to the classic tale of Cinderella, the heroine of John. Lopez does not seem light and airy girl who needs a man as a social elevator.On the contrary, when you look at the film, it seems that even if the

prince was not, Marisa Ventura has made sure his would.

The rest of the story is the same, but in a modern way: the tricks of disguise (without the fairy godmother), and social inequality, and separating it.According to the laws of the genre (melodrama), love has to endure hardships to the final reunion of two hearts were passionate and joyful.

list of movies with Jennifer Lopez begins with not too commercially successful film.Even many years later, this tape is popular among the audience.People still want to believe in fairy tales.

«Shall We Dance" (2004)


In the center of the story - the story of couples with 19 years of experience.Male - John Clark (Richard Gere) and his wife - Beverly Clark (Susan Sarandon).They are all good.John does not drink, does not smoke, does not change, a lot of work, all the forces gives the family.And this is becoming a major problem because the hero wants at least once in your life to get something for yourself.

comes to the aid of an accident rather unimportant detail.Each time, returning home on the subway, John Clark sees in one of the windows of passing over the houses of the beautiful girl.The sign reads: "Dance School".And the protagonist realizes that this is it!Here he goes.However, at first it leads to a desire to dance school romance with a beautiful instructor Paulina (Jennifer Lopez), but then he pulled into the process, finds lost the taste for life, and with it the sense of existence - have become self-worth dancing for him.

heroine Jennifer Lopez embodies the main character for hope rebirth, a new life.

«I've had enough" (2002)

Jennifer Lopez movies list

list of movies with Jennifer Lopez crowned thriller, and this is no accident.The film is still relevant today, and all because he is devoted to the topic of domestic violence.According to recent data, about 15 thousand. Russian women (wives, daughters) are killed every year at the hands of domestic tyrants.Therefore, all of the fair sex should watch this movie without fail.

Jennifer Lopez plays the main role of the movie film.She - the humiliation and an abused wife who is patient, but then runs away from home with her daughter, training, building up strength and go on the attack.It is strange that the genre referred to the thriller movie, because it is removed in the best traditions of militants with Jean-Claude Van Damme.Perhaps this decision is valid only in one case: if we consider that in this story the woman works.

Not casual selection of films

If quick-witted reader look the films with Jennifer Lopez, the list of which is presented here, he'll understand: these films are united image of the woman.Famous actress embodied on the screen Cinderella-maid, a professional dance instructor and a female soldier.In these works from film to film heroines J. López increased stamina, willpower.The maid - poor and miserable, though proud, but a man begging for something, standing in front of him on his knees.Polina - independent woman professional.A slim - it is a real fighter rolls over with aggressiveness and concentration of will.