The cure for colds and flu for children : recommendations , opinions .Prevention and treatment of colds and flu

noticed discomfort in his or her child, one run to the drugstore and buy up all available anti-viral agents, and others are waiting for the disease has receded.But the disease is not always in itself, in some cases, no medicine against colds and flu can not do.

spread of disease

When it comes to colds and flu, it is important to understand that without appropriate treatment, complications may occur.Of course, if it's just ARD, the best method of treatment would be to drink plenty of bed rest, and the elimination of symptoms.But the flu without any special medications can not do.But remember that a diagnosis should only doctor, especially if we are talking about a child.He selects the most appropriate treatment of influenza and colds.Medications are selected depending on the patient's condition and what caused the illness.The cure for colds and flu

When the viral nature of the disease need special antiviral agents in bacterial - antibiotics.Determine which treatment would be most effective, you can use a routine blood test


Currently, the main problem is that the spread of colds, flu becomes pandemic.This is due to the high variability of the virus.In children, like many adults find themselves powerless against new pathogens.

necessary therapy

medicines for colds and flu

understand the cure for colds and flu is necessary in each case, without a visit to the doctor difficult.But there are a number of drugs that have an effect on viruses and helps the body fight many diseases.

They are divided into several groups.These can be agents which act directly on the virus, also called etiotropic.These include:

1) ion channel blockers: This group includes tools such as "Orvirem", "Rimantadine";

2) GA-specific chaperone which prevents the penetration of viruses into the body's cells, an example of such medications is "Arbidol";

3) the neuraminidase inhibitors, which include a powder for inhalation "Relenza" and means for intake "Tamiflu", "Peramivir";

4) NP-protein inhibitors - these drugs as "Ingavirin".

professionals can also assign interferon preparations.They block the translation of mRNA of viruses.In this category fall means "Interferon," "Viferon", "Grippferon", "Kipferon."

Another fairly common group are interferon inducers.Physicians may assign a cure for colds and flu, as "Kagocel", "Amiksin", "TSikloferon", "Tsitovir 3".

more drugs

With the right approach to treatment is not limited to just one antiviral therapy.It should also be symptomatic.It's so important to alleviate the condition of the smallest patients in disease!For example, when using a cold vasoconstrictor drugs, such as "Nazivin" "Mezatol" "Sanorin".Also can be assigned, moisturizers and soothing mucosa "akvamaris" "Akvalor", a blend of essential oils "Sinupret" "Pinosol".Effective is combined means "Vibrocil", "Rinopront" and others.

When the pain in my throat appoint antiseptics.You can use Lugol, furatsilina "Faringosept", "Geksoral."

The cure for colds and flu

is difficult to do without special preparations for cough.It can be antitussives "Codeine", "Dastozin", "Sinekod", "Kodipront", "Stoptussin" who can drink only after the appointment of a physician.Most often used to treat coughs mucolytics "Ambroxol", "flavamed", "Mucosolvan."

Combined treatment also includes receiving, if necessary antipyretic "Panadol", "Ibuprofen", "Aspirin".However, the latter drug should not be given to children under 12 years.Compulsory appointed antihistamines.They are able to inhibit the allergic inflammatory process, which is accompanied by swelling of the mucosa, vasodilatation.The most popular are medicine "Loratadine", "Eden", "Alerzin."

ion channel blockers

This group of drugs does not give viruses fixed to the body's cells.

Such cure colds and flu as "Rimantadine" refers to antiviral agents.With his admission number of attacking microorganisms begins to decline, and the person recovers.The action caused by that virus propagation is necessary to get into the cell, and when receiving "rimantadine" it becomes impossible.

are contraindications to the individual intolerance, pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, the age of 7 years.

medicine for colds and flu for children

This group pertains drug "Midantan."Said medicine for colds and flu can not drink in psychosis, epilepsy, intolerance of components.In addition, Contraindications include pregnancy and lactation.It is also not recommended to use it in thyrotoxicosis, glaucoma, hypertension, kidney and heart failure.

in due to "Orvirem" is the active ingredient rimantadine.Therefore, said preparation has the same contraindications as a means of "Rimantadine" except age restrictions.Syrup "Orvirem" can be given to children older than one year.Ion channel blockers used for the treatment of influenza A. The effectiveness of this therapy was confirmed in the research process.Also, using these drugs may be conducted flu and colds.Medications in this case the drink special scheme.

dosage of ion channel blockers

drugs for the treatment of children from this group only appoint syrup "Orvirem."For example, children aged 3 to 7 years old on the first day of the disease it is necessary that the body received 90 mg of rimantadine, in the second - 60 mg, and the third - 30 mg.To prevent as little as 30 mg per day.The required amount of syrup is easy to calculate if we know that in 5 ml contains 10 mg of active substance.

For children aged 1 to 3 years should take 20 mg of rimantadine three times a day during the first day of illness.The same amount, only twice a day, recommended in the 2nd and 3rd days of illness.On the 4th day of illness required a single dose of 20 mg.In order to prevent the aged yield 20 mg once a day for 10-15 days.

neuraminidase inhibitors

The cure for colds and flu reviews drug "Relenza", intended for inhalation, affects influenza viruses belonging to types A and B. The main active ingredient in it is zanamivir.Contraindications to perform the first trimester of pregnancy, age 5 who are allergic to the drug, and a history of bronchospasm.In the treatment dosage is increased by 2 times.

cure for colds and flu called "Tamiflu" contains in its composition of oseltamivir phosphate.The treatment with the above preparation can be performed in children over 1 year old.He is able to inhibit neuraminidase of influenza A and B. This prevents the spread of infection in the respiratory tract.

dosage of neuraminidase inhibitors

inhalants "Relenza" is prescribed as a rule, children over 5 years of 10 mg (corresponding to two inhalations) twice daily.To prevent inhalation recommend doing 2 a day.

drug "Tamiflu" is recommended to take with meals, it helps to improve tolerability.But above drinking cure colds and flu for children and adults can be with or without food.If the patient can not swallow the capsule, he may appoint the drug "Tamiflu" in the powder used to prepare a suspension.Babies can be given capsules 30 mg or 45 or prepared suspension at 12 mg / ml of the preparation.Infants younger than two years should give the drug in the powder.

adolescents over 12 years and adults prescribed capsules of 75 mg, which is necessary to drink twice a day.But this dosage may be administered and for children over 8 years.

NP-protein inhibitors

cure for colds and flu, entitled "Ingavirin" active against influenza viruses A and B, including A / H1N1, and swine Grip A / H1N1 swl, A / H5N1, A / H3N2.Also, it is prescribed for parainfluenza, adenovirus and respiratory syncytial virus infection.

when taking this medicine against colds and flu inhibited the reproduction of microorganisms at the stage of the nuclear phase and the newly synthesized NP-viruses can not migrate from the cytoplasm to the nucleus.Also, the drug enhances the quantity of interferon in the body and has anti-inflammatory action.

But prescribe means "Ingavirin" exclusively for adults.For children it is necessary to select other drugs.

interferon inducers

Quite often in pediatric use tools such as "Kagocel", "Amiksin", "TSikloferon."But despite their popularity, many doctors doubt the effectiveness of these funds.The cure for colds and flu Kagocel

Manufacturers say that the active ingredients in the body contribute to the formation of a special "late" interferon, which has a high antiviral activity.

example, a cure for colds and flu, "Kagocel" appointed by kids from 3 years.For treatment of children under six years allowed for the 1st tablet twice daily the first two days and once per day on subsequent days.If the child is 6 years or more, then it needs 3 tablets in the first days of the disease, and 2 on the 3rd and 4th days of the disease.As a preventive measure it is drunk in courses for 2 days one week apart.

drug "Amiksin" is assigned only to children older than seven years.The dosage depends on the severity of his illness and the doctor individually selected.

means "TSikloferon" recommend kids from 4 years old.This is a cure for colds and flu for children received 1 per day on an empty stomach.Adults appoint 3-4 tablets at the reception, the children depending on their age may be recommended by the 1 st to 3 pieces.For the prevention of drug drunk on special scheme: it is taken in the 1st or 2nd day after exposure, before the 8th day of admission is conducted through the day, from 11 th to 23 minutes - three days.


Given that evaluate the activity of antiviral agents without conducting special studies rather difficult, some mothers can recommend others to criticize a certain cure for colds and flu.Reviews are quite contradictory.

Preventing colds and flu medicines

most young patients, doctors often recommend medications interferon.It may be "Viferon" "Grippferon".They prescribe even newborn babies.Their use for the treatment and prophylaxis of seasonal viral diseases including influenza.

Many mothers whose children have recovered in this approach to treatment, of course, recommend antivirals.But while there are those who have therapy with these agents do not provide adequate effect of the disease complicated by the addition of a secondary infection.As a result, the treatment has continued with the appointment of antibacterial agents.

therefore to find objective reviews and recommendations rather difficult.The best option would be the use of drugs with proven efficacy that you can recommend a pediatrician or other physician treating your child.If you believe the reviews, it helps a lot syrup "Orvirem" and the drug "Tamiflu".However, the last resort is only effective with flu, many people say that under normal SARS does not make sense to drink it.