How to set a limit on cash

Who sets the limit of cash

Limit cash According to the Regulations on the procedure for conducting cash operations, limit the amount of cash the company says the head of his order.It must approve the limit and individual entrepreneurs.However, I take it, as they say, the ceiling will fail.For the calculation of the Regulations have two formulas.But worth noting if there is a separate division with its own bank account, then it limits are calculated separately.It should be remembered that the figures separate subdivision shall be disregarded in calculating the cash limit for the head unit, and vice versa.

settlement period

Who sets the limit of cash Starting cash payment limit is necessary to determine the billing period in working days.There is one strict requirement - it should not exceed 92 days.In addition, the word "period" suggests that the days are consecutive and not piecemeal.However, nothing prevents you to select only one day, for example one in which the sum of the cash proceeds was the largest in the history of the orga

nization.This will be your "period".And by the way, not necessarily to the selected time interval is in the calendar year preceding that in which the calculated limit of the cash register.There are no restrictions on the position of the account does not contain.Now the time interval between the days of putting money in the bank.It is also calculated in working days with the schedule.This means that if an organization has a five-day working week, and it delivers the cash proceeds once a week, the period between the cash collection will be equal to 5 weekdays.If a week passes to the bank rescue organization working 6 or 7 days a week, she had the figure will be 6 or 7 working days respectively.For the determination of working days must take the sure your schedule.After all, if you have, for example, a seven-day work week, specify the period between the encashment as a 5 working days, you do not actually take into account when calculating the cash limit potential cash proceeds, you can get two days off and can exceed the limit.Interested in the greatest possible limit cash?Take the maximum interval between trips to the bank.He is 7 working days for settlements with bank branch and 14 - without it.

errors in the determination of the settlement period

to warn of possible danger.If the test is found that the period between the encashment of the agreement with the bank and the period used in the calculation are not the same, can count limit, on the basis of the contractual period.But because nowhere does it say that it is necessary to follow a certain period of collection (if any), fine in such a situation should not be.At least in the court of his innocence can be defended.

Limit cash for newly created organizations

form of calculation of the limit of cash newly created business entities expects to receive cash proceeds define cash limits on the basis of forecast data.To the extent that it can be real money to be adjusted.But if the organization was created, say, a few months ago, but no activity since the establishment did not conduct and, therefore, no revenue from it was not, it is not entitled to limit the basis of potential revenue.In this way, it can only be set for the newly created legal entity or person, only received the status of the entrepreneur.Because the "sleeping" organizations still had no cash income, its limit at this point is zero.

Disputes in connection with the calculation of the limit of cash

possible that an already existing organization there is a new separate division.To separate divisions with its own bank account limit is calculated separately from the head office on the base of the unit.If you have a separate division of the bank account is not, then separate the maximum amount of cash on hand for it is not calculated, and the total limit is set for the head office with all entities without their own bank accounts.Also, do not get involved in the organization of a general limit of revenue, expected to enter the new unit.For existing organizations it is determined, based on past earnings.However, this does not mean that you have to cut out limit for the new unit by existing ones.Once the new unit will have its own cash proceeds, it may be counted for the organization as a whole, using the form of calculating the limit of cash.