How to transfer money to the card with a map of the Savings Bank of another bank?

Probably everyone is familiar problem when urgently needed money.For example, you have found one you can borrow or alternatively, someone you want to repay the debt.But the money is on the card, and you're in with a host of different cities.How then to proceed?An excellent solution to the problem could be a good service - transfer of money to the card from the card sberbankovskuyu other banks that are so popular today.

how to transfer money to the card Savings Bank How to transfer money to the card of Sberbank, if you have a card of another bank?

plastic card today, it is no news - it is almost everyone.Therefore, the transfer of money from one card to another, even between banks - is very convenient and popular with those who use these plastic wallets.In particular, it is very convenient when people are willing to carry out the operation, are far from each other and can not convey personal.And for what?Paying for goods and services card is much easier and faster than counting cash and wait for delivery.Do not be an obstacle, and that the tra

nslation of Sberbank, the card may require a small fee.

What is required for the translation?

need to know some details and conditions:

- Sberbank card number, which is planned to transfer funds;

- access to the Internet;

Sberbank card number - the account number, which is available for each card;

- props department, the card was.

order of how to transfer money to the card Sberbank

To perform the translation, you must do the following.Transfer funds via Internet banking - this is one of the most modern and very convenient way for you to quickly pay for goods and services."How do I put money on the card of the Savings Bank?"- You ask.Very simple.To do this, enter your personal cabinet (pre-activate the service is Internet-banking).After logging in you need to select the tab "Payment", then "interbank payment" and enter all the necessary details, which asks the system.

whether the commission will be charged, and how to transfer money to the card of the Savings Bank?

Savings card It is worth remembering that the transfer in favor of another bank's commission per transaction.To sum does not become to you the amazing, it is necessary to specify the size of the commission in the bank.Usually the commission is 1-2% of the total, and immediately debited from the account.But different banks may also be a limitation on the size of the amount transferred, not only for a single, but for the month.

How to transfer money to an ATM card of the Savings Bank?

To start you want to insert the card into the self-service and enter a code consisting of four digits.From the menu, you need to find the function "Transfer of funds", after which the selection and enter the necessary data, you will be able to transfer to the card that you want.There may also be taken Commission.

As there is still a way to transfer?

You can also make a cash transfer.You can say that you withdraw money from the card, go to the bank branch and tell the card number to which you want to put the money.Savings can also make a transfer directly from a card of another bank, if the ATM will give you such a function.As you now know, to transfer funds from one card to another is not so difficult!