Biography Mozart briefly.

Of all the representatives of the Vienna classical school of Mozart is the most unique.His talent manifested itself at an early age and developed up to the sudden death.Austrian composer created more than 600 works, virtuoso playing, he worked in various musical forms.His ability to play with four years and early death have been the subject of much controversy, and overgrown with myths.Mozart biography, summary of the life and work is divided into sections, presented in the article.

Early years He was born on 27.01.1756 in the family of the violinist and composer Leopold Mozart.His hometown was Salzburg, where his parents considered the most beautiful couple.His mother, Anna Maria Mozart, gave birth to seven children, two of whom survived - daughter Maria Anna and Wolfgang.

a brief biography of Mozart

talent for music manifested the boy was three years old.He loved to play the harpsichord and was able to pick up long harmonies.My father started with the boy four years old, as he was pronounced ability to remember heard th

e melody and play them on the harpsichord.Thus began a musical biography of Mozart, who wrote briefly about the hard, so it is rich in events.

By five years Mozart could compose small pieces.On paper they wrote down his father, putting in the fields of the creation date.In addition to the harpsichord, Wolfgang learned to play the violin.The only tool that leads to the horror of the young musician, was a pipe.He could not listen to it without being accompanied by the sound of other instruments.

not only in the family, Wolfgang Mozart masterfully played.His sister was no less talented.The first concerts they gave together and delights listeners.In Vienna, they were introduced to the Empress Maria Theresa, who was listening to them live a few hours.

With his father, they traveled to Europe, giving concerts noble lords.Only a short time they returned home.

Viennese period

Mozart biography short

After a misunderstanding with his employer, the Archbishop of Salzburg, Amadeus Mozart, a brief biography is presented in this article, decides to change his life and sent to Vienna.He arrived in the city of 16/03/1781 to start a career in Vienna timing was unfortunate.Most aristocrats were leaving in the summer to the country, and concerts practically not carried out.

Mozart hoped to become a teacher of Princess Elizabeth, which was engaged in the formation of Joseph II.But all attempts ended in failure.Instead, Joseph II chose Salieri and buzzer.However, Wolfgang had enough pupils, though less noble.One of them was Therese von Trattner, which is considered his lover.The composer dedicated to her sonata in C minor and C minor fantasy.

After a long wait and barriers Mozart married Constanze Weber.They had six children, but survived, only two of them.That relationship with musician Constance soured relations with his father, whom he loved from birth.Mozart's biography, a summary is not possible without the version of his death.

last year of life

In 1791 Mozart ordered "Requiem", which he was not able to finish.He made it his pupil Franz Xaver Zyusmayer.In November, the composer became very ill, he could not walk, needed the help of doctors.

They stated his acute fever millet.From her died while many residents of Vienna.The disease is complicated by the general weakening of the body.

by 4 December the state of the composer became critical.Mozart died on December 5.Biography (short) composer, left to posterity many excellent works on this end.

Mozart biography summary

funeral took place December 6, 1791 in the presence of only close friends.Then his body was taken to the cemetery for burial.Where it is not known, but presumably the place was eventually monument "Weeping Angel".

Legend of poisoning Mozart

described in many works of Wolfgang myth of poisoning his friend and well-known composer Salieri.Some musicologists continue to support this version of death.However, there is no conclusive evidence.At the end of the last century in the Palace of Justice (Milan) was acquitted Antonio Salieri accused him of the murder of Wolfgang Mozart.

Biography Mozart briefly about the work

In Mozart's creations combine strict and clear form with deep emotion.His works are poetic and a subtle elegance, and they do not lack courage, dramatic contrast.

Amadeus Mozart brief biography

He is known for his reformist approach to opera.It impresses with its originality as an opera, and Mozart's biography, a summary of which begins with the age of three.In his works there is no distinct negative or positive characters.Their characters are multifaceted.The most famous opera:

  • «Don Giovanni";
  • «The Marriage of Figaro";
  • «The Magic Flute."

in symphonic music Mozart (biography, a brief but meaningful, certainly let you know a lot about this composer) distinguished by the presence of melodious arias in opera and dramatic conflicts.The most popular are considered symphonies Nos 39, 40, 41.

on thematic catalog Kächele, Mozart created:

  • spiritual creations - 68;
  • string quartets - 32;
  • Sonatas (variations) for Harpsichord and Violin - 45;
  • theatrical productions - 23;
  • Sonatas for Harpsichord - 22;
  • symphonies - 50;
  • concerts - 55.

Total managed to count about 626 pieces.

Interests Mozart

Most composer loved to stay in the gay community.He gladly attended balls, masquerades, arranged at receptions.At balls he often danced.

Like others of his contemporaries, Wolfgang Mozart, a short biography which we have described, a good game of pool.At home he had his own table, which was a special luxury at the time.He often played with friends and wife.

Wolfgang Mozart brief biography

as a pet canary, and he liked the starlings, which he willingly kept at home.In addition, it has been even dogs and horses.On the recommendation of a doctor he performed early rides every day.

biography of Mozart briefly told about the fate of genius, did not live long, but to make an invaluable contribution to the art of music all over the world.