Animation for the presentation.

This article will talk about how to add animation to slides for the presentation.Thus at once it is noted that in order to align tracks and images may use a wide variety of types of programs.Many utilities typically support processing modes of animation frames, as well as certain video format.

How to insert animations into a presentation: a way to number 1

animation for presentations

When working with a standard package of Microsoft Office applications should create a presentation in Power Point.

  1. to start the main menu, go to the section "File" and then select the action "Open the presentation."
  2. Go to the directory where the original was located the main file, and then open the document.
  3. Create a new slide, which will be located and animation for presentations.
  4. Right-click any empty area between the slides, which are displayed in the left column.
  5. menu, select "New Slide".
  6. Open tab "Insert" and then select "Movie".
  7. Then go to the tab "Movie from File".
  8. Select the folder where the animation for the presentation.
  9. Press it twice left mouse button, and then paste the image will occur in the slide.

must be remembered that in the mode of presentation of the animated image of the character is represented as a specific slide.

as animations inserted into the presentation: the way number 2

how to insert animations in the presentation

first need to start running the presentation to see how the animation is correctly displayed.If using a version of the program, which does not allow for the insertion GIF-image, the image should be divided into several separate elements.To do this on a computer you need to install a special application Gif Movie Gear.After starting the program choose a section Open and move to the desired GIF-file.

Next you need to remove one by one the fragments of it.To do this, highlight the very first image and go to the point Copy.Paste the copied item in Paint and create jpeg- or bmp-file.Then you have to add them one by one into the presentation.Once the files are added, we can only set a certain period of time to alternately display the slides.

Saving and adjustment of frames

To animation for presentation retained the original settings, you will need to use a period of time, which are enshrined in GIF-file.If there is a need to make adjustments to some of the shots, you should use a second method of inserting animation.