Tray for Nail: beauty secrets

delicate and beautiful hands still admired for a long time.It is this part of the body is often sung in songs, ballads, poems ... And how many paintings are devoted to female handles!How nice to feel their soft, gentle touch.That woman's hands most pleasant and warm.But, of course, for them we need thorough care.Daily washing, cleaning, cooking lunch and dinner - all this takes time, damaging arms.Therefore, you need to properly care for them.Tray for nails and hands - this is what is so necessary.

bath for nails How useful fortification baths?

In everyday life, not always in a hurry housewives and business women reminisce about their hands.But such a careless handling can lead to dry skin, brittle nails that look unaesthetic.The best way out of such situations will be the right hand care at home.Not a question of haste: quickly put the cream, cut nails, sawed and make up their usual varnish.No, we are talking about home spa care of a procedure such as a tray for nails.Dedicate yourself one day among the hectic

everyday life, and your hands will thank you.Fastening tray nail useful primarily that nourishes the skin of hands and nail plate with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, moisturizes and soothes irritated covers them.Your skin becomes soft, tender, and nails - strong and healthy.

tub Pedicure options available

Salt bath polish is the most popular.In addition, it is very easy to prepare and requires no additional ingredients searches in shops and pharmacies, because salt is at each hostess.Of course, it is better to use sea, as it is more useful, but will bring the usual good effect.So, a small spoon (tablespoon) salt (sea, table) should be dissolved in a glass of water (about 200 grams).The fluid should be warm.Dip your nails into a container with a solution and hold a few minutes.At this time, you can read a magazine, a book or watch a favorite movie.Then gently dab a napkin nails and hands, moisten cream.The same tray for a pedicure would be very useful.

Use and Care

If the house you have olive oil - is very good.This tray nail will be very useful!Take one-fourth of-ounce cup of olive oil and the same amount of apple cider vinegar.First, heat the oil over low heat, pour the vinegar, mix well.Pour the mixture into a container and immerse the nails for several minutes.After completion of the pat hands with a napkin.

salt bath for nails bit of everything

Iodine is known for its beneficial properties.Many apply it directly to the nail plate, but be careful because you can hurt and so!Therefore it is better to do the bath for nails and hands with iodine and orange, which is rich in vitamin C. So, you must take five drops of iodine, two dessert spoons of sea or cooking salt, 75 grams of orange juice and a little grated peel.The warm water to dissolve the salt and add first juice, and then iodine.After cooking, the mixture should be poured into a container and lower the arms back.Keep about twenty to twenty-five minutes.Wet hand towel and lubricate bold healing cream for hands and nails.This constant care will allow you to always be beautiful!