Dual citizenship - you can get, and then what?

Subtleties definition
dual citizenship

How often do now - in the age of globalization and mass mobility - we encounter people who have two or more passports.Does this mean that they are automatically dual citizenship?Not always.What is the difference?The thing is the ambiguity of definitions.In theory, a person who is a citizen of the Russian Federation may acquire the citizenship of another country.In this first - the mother - do not force it to give up.Russian citizenship can be lost only on their own coming out of it.Other countries, such as Germany, are a different policy.There will have to choose: either the German or the "foreign" passport.In practice, dual citizenship is permitted in the case of Russia - that is, people officially considered dual nationals - only with those countries which signed the relevant agreements.At the moment it Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.In all other cases, you may have second and third passport, but for Russian, you are always only a citizen until you give up this privilege.

The totalitarian regime, the more restrictions
whether dual citizenship

Economists say that the higher the level of development of a country, the more liberal it relates to this topic.Conversely, fearing the outflow of funds, the less developed countries prohibit dual citizenship.For example, if you have a passport of Kazakhstan, and you become a citizen of another country, without notifying the "home" - the Kazakh deprive you.But the United States does not prohibit, but do not encourage dual nationality.After all, it is a potential - and actual - a headache for officials who are dual nationals are much more difficult to control than the holder of the passport.Formally, the one who acquires US citizenship oblige oath of allegiance to the United States, but in practice do not check whether the person has refused the previous one.Interestingly, the developing countries are actively seeking to (or feel obliged) to liberalize the matter.Thus, all the countries of Latin America, India and many others over the last decade have introduced dual citizenship.But in Japan or China, children born from mixed marriages citizen and immigrant, will not be able to get a passport.In addition to these countries, a strict policy in this respect are also South Korea and Cuba.

Practical aspects how to get dual citizenship

On the question of whether it is possible to hold dual citizenship, we've got the answer.Another question: "What can we do for you?"First of all, freedom of movement.In the case of Russia to enter and leave, you are required by Russian passports.But cross the border of another state you can have as a citizen of another country.Only need to correctly understand who and how to present the document.For example, if from Russia by train you are traveling to Poland and Germany via Belarus, the Belarusian border is better not to impose an EU passport.Since European Union citizens are required to have a transit visa, and if any would not you - can easily be removed from the train.How to get dual citizenship, depending on the country.For example, in Poland, you can apply for it, having lived at least two years with a permanent residence permit (before which must undergo at least another three to five years) and married to a citizen - three.Dual citizenship can be obtained at birth, when the child is given it by the mother and father.But some countries require for achieving offspring of age, he decided to whose subjects want to be.One of the biggest problems - it is a necessity to perform military service in two states at once.They can not have another nationality (usually) and officials and intelligence officers, and representatives of the judicial branch.That is, to obtain dual citizenship may only need to be able to use it properly then, your life is not complicated overlapping commitments.