What is the casual style?

Today is the date the world's style - casual.What makes it so popular among fashionistas and fashionistas?It is above all the comfort and ease.

With English "casual" is translated as "frivolous", "casual", "casual".That is extremely wear comfortable clothes and go to conquer the "urban jungle."It seems to be easy, but why would a woman looks great in a free t-shirt with a fur collar, and the other - is absolutely absurd and ridiculous?The fact is that in order to have a stunning view of a garment, you must have a natural flair, elegance, taste and nobility that dictate the genes and blood.If such an instinct, no charm, it is unlikely you will submit casual style.casual style

little history

Provenance style to this day causes a lot of disputes.There are several versions:

  1. Britain.In the 1950s post-war years in England, it has been actively shape youth culture Teddy-boys (Tedds).These young people were unable to get to the higher aristocratic circles, in a secular society does not accept them, they did not

    have a good pedigree and higher education.But their hands were spinning a lot of money.They had the opportunity to wear expensive clothes, but his whole manner they sought to demonstrate their contempt for the high society.This position was accentuated in clothes: expensive, but extremely careless, branded, but the most convenient and simple.So on British streets is born a new fashion.Style casual clothing later came under the influence of other currents and subcultures - skinheads, punks and even sports fans.

  2. Scandinavia.Some experts in the field of fashion suggest that the emergence of this style we have to immigrants from Scandinavia and casual - it's almost a national treasure of the country.Indeed, Scandinavian clothing is characterized by multi-layered, simplicity, the superposition of different sub-genres.style casual clothing

Whatever it was actually, but the style of casual clothing, though appeared relatively recently, but already firmly established on the highest line of the rating capricious fashion.Let's look at his characteristics.

How to dress in the style of casual and still look original and natural?To do this, refer to the stylist, professionals have identified a number of features unique to him.


Easy (!) Raid carelessness adds charm.Within the style of casual T-shirt with holes allowed, tights and a sweater with an arrow released from the hinges.Shirt, straightening to one side, not fully buttoned buttons, scarf, casually thrown over - all emphasize your originality.casual style for men


casual (style male or female) can not tolerate any rigid framework.The conventions and limitations in the choice of style and color are completely excluded.There are no clearly defined trends and purity of style should not be.A mixture of home clothes with classic summer things with Demi, light fabrics with heavy - all casual style.Winter, by the way - is not a reason to abandon the comfortable and relaxed outfits.It was during the cold season, you can emphasize your individuality by wearing, say, Printed trousers with a bright coat.This casual style for men and women - a combination of incongruous.The main thing - is to keep the middle ground and not to overdo it with the number of buckles, pockets and all kinds of ornaments.Everything has to be stylish, modern, interesting.

items of clothing

versatility and breadth of this area allow you to include in a lot of things familiar to us: the formless and glamorous dress in the style of casual, layered skirts, trousers strict, plaid shirts, ripped jeans, T-shirts and, of course, sweatshirts.casual style for women

Accessories and parts

Despite the absence of any prohibition in this direction has its own unwritten laws.Style casual for men, however, and for women - it's unconditional rejection of the tie.Roll up your sleeves, pumps or massive platform shoes, shapeless bags and clutches of different colors, original hats and belts, bright and massive jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces) - all these parts that make up the style.

casual clothes - ideal for women with a curvy shape.The dress or trousers cut free help disguise overweight and at the same time elegant way to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

course, to catch all the little things that make casual basis, it is difficult, but with a certain skill, a great desire and natural taste, this is quite possible.Women


casual style - a real find for the women, because with it so simply to emphasize its charm, originality and uniqueness.It is not surprising that in everyday life, and on the highest podium this direction is represented by a variety of sub-genres.The following types of casual:

  • All-Out-Casual - this street sub-genres, and its use in the business world is not approved, but he will be an excellent option for a holiday with friends.

  • Smart-Casual - is a kind of aristocratic style of casual, unimaginable way which combines a strict silhouette dress with cheeky ease.

  • Casual-Glamour - a style similar to the previous one, which are the distinctive additions romantic folds and flounces on skirts and dresses, expensive accessories, a little glamorous handbags, refinement silhouette lines.

  • Sport-Casual - in this sub-genres active place is occupied by sports items.Such clothing is comfortable, the elegance of figures and at the same time does not apply to purely sporting outfits.

  • Street-Casual - casual street style that emphasizes the beauty and naturalness of the woman and gives full freedom of movement and imagination.

  • Business-Casual - this style is another popular name - "Friday office fashion."A distinctive feature is the elegant, but in a more simplified form than the usual wear business style.

main condition regardless of the sub genre - adhere to brand and quality clothes, but otherwise from the charm, expressiveness will be over.Therefore, if you want to become a bright representative of the fashion casual, you need to know about the manufacturer, which in their collections emphasize it in this direction.Dress casual Thiele

Brand clothing in the style of casual

mistake to think that for the followers of this trend in fashion wear cheap suits.Quite the contrary - in the locker room every thing should be branded.Cheapness, redneck, kustarschina, bad taste - everything is taboo for casual.Things have to be expensive, exclusively from the best manufacturers.In this style specialize today following world famous brands:

  • Cerutti - the firm is one of the first drew attention to street style.Nino Cerutti released the first collection of clothes Casual Chic.These orders underline the special sensuality, simplicity and ease of a woman.These quite different concepts can easily be combined in this style.

  • Armani - brand, quickly picked up the idea Cerutti.The idea to wear a jacket with jeans, formal suit with elements of sports style, shirts without collars belongs to Giorgio Armani.

  • Adidas, Fila, Fred Perry was the first manufacturer of clothes, which was used by those "hooligans» Tedds.

Today, casual style is very popular and well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levis, Donna Karan, Lacoste, Dolce & amp;Gabbana.style casual winter

In conclusion

originality, uniqueness, originality - all casual style, and it is clearly not intended for the masses.His outstanding representatives can be extremely subtle nature, catching the thin line between absurdity and grace.So be very careful, wearing mini shorts under a jacket or a business combining evening dress to the floor with fur boots, because the crafty style can easily turn you can not object of admiration and the object of ridicule offensive.Be beautiful!