Ploskorezy Fokine (photo).

garden work - it's kind of a hobby for most people.Today you can buy any product in the store, but people persist to grow potatoes, onions, carrots and other crops.To greatly facilitate this work, it is necessary to start at the farm ploskorez Fokine.This tool will replace many of the existing and significantly reduce the time tillage.

How did ploskorez?

In the mid 90s, Vladimir Fokin was discharged from the hospital after a heart attack.He loved to work on the site, but great physical exertion he was contraindicated.Long thought cottager how to outwit nature and begin to cultivate the land.The result of his meditations became ploskorez.ploskorezy Fokine

With it managed to do most of the gardening work, and given the enormous crop of plants.Soon ploskorezy Fokine went around the world and became an integral part of organic farming.They are popular not only in the CIS countries.In America, Australia and Europe use this tool more often.

principle of organic farming

Soil is not only the mineral part, but also orga

nic.And most of them organic is a living form.It earthworms, bacteria, beetles and other organisms.All they generally create a uniform system, which promotes good growth of flora.Ploskorezy Fokina little break this idyll, because it does not touch the ground deeper than 5-7 cm. The same shovel soil is turned to a depth of about 20 cm, and the plow - deeper.

Intact worms and beetles quickly enter into symbiosis with plants and help them to bear fruit abundantly.At the same time the soil is always loose and airy.This makes it hundreds of worms that will not only dig canals, but also to process organic form that is best absorbed by plants.

For this reason, more and more gardeners are choosing ploskorez Fokine.Photos showing work with him, show that this is a very convenient and simple device.With most of the problems to cope faster than its older counterparts.

Different sizes

initially V. Fokin has made just one appearance for his instrument.It is ideal for large volumes of work.It can be used to loosen the ground, remove the weeds, even on turf, forming beds, mow the grass.But he coped fine work is not very good.ploskorez Fokine

great length of the cutting edge is not allowed to walk on narrow qualitative aisle.And the thinning ranks was enough difficult.Therefore, a little later appeared ploskorez Fokina smaller.With the help of treatment beds of weeds and large thickening ceased to be a problem.Maneuverability ploskorez perfectly united with his performance.

Today on sale there are several sizes of gardening tools.It is recommended to buy the farm at least two of them as different goals require different capacities.But the principles of operation remain the same.The main thing - it is a tool to set up for themselves.The sheer size is not a big deal if you're familiar with at least one of them.

soil loosening

One of the first things that spring gardeners operate considered loosening the soil for sowing and planting.For this purpose, great ploskorez Fokine.As they work, the first time it is not clear.But a few minutes of practice - and this has no problem.

The bottom line is that not ploskorez turns the soil, as does the spade or plow.In order to loosen the soil, just make it into the ground to a depth of 3-5 cm and hold it parallel to the surface, as it were, cutting off the top layer.This is enough to fertile soil of the fluffed and became suitable for planting plants.ploskorez Fokina how they work

Sharpening ploskorez carried out on both sides of the blade.Therefore, any garden work can be done in two ways.If you learn it, the soil loosening go much faster.This is indicated by numerous testimonials.Ploskorez Fokina helps people easily handle about 20 acres, that a spade is practically impossible.

Removing weeds

Second, and perhaps most important action that is performed ploskorezy Fokina - is cleaning areas from weeds.It does not matter where they grow and how they have strong root system.Ploskorez quickly and effortlessly from the summer resident cuts off any plants.

on loose soil that action can be quickly carried out in both directions, as if working hand cultivator.The principle of operation is the same as for loosening the soil.Only the depth of the other work.Young enough to cut the weeds at 1-2 cm from the surface.The tool works so effectively that not even sprouted weeds are cut.ploskorez Fokina own hands

In this case there is no need to choose truncated.Worms and beetles quickly will process dead plants into fertilizer that will add nutrients to the garden of the main culture.

can be used on a long-term turf ploskorez Fokine.Photos of impressive action.Perennial grasses are cut, as if she had just grown up and did not have time to get stronger, and its stems - stiffen.With ploskorez any virgin in a few minutes turns into a flower bed or a bed.

Instead spit forks and rakes

But not only in the garden effective ploskorez Fokine.How do they work in the garden, consider further.

Many people know how to keep the braid.In the same manner we undertake the cutting ploskorez and begin their work on the surface of the soil.You will be surprised how easy and fast it mows.However, this tool should be well sharpened.And the steel from which it is made, should be strong.Unfortunately, not all manufacturers use the correct mark.

Expand ploskorez 90 degrees and we take as a rake.One can be both a wide-tooth rake hay and raking in a haystack.Of course, the ideal purity on the site you will not get, but in an emergency rescue tool.ploskorez Fokina photos

cleaned stalls, usually made with pitchforks.If they are not perfect and need to scrape the floor, take that same ploskorez.Not only did he raked all manure in one pile, but perfectly clean the stall.Will only with the help of a shovel to throw everything out.

problems serial production

Many gardeners buy ploskorezy Fokina from the manufacturer of garden tools.Then it turns out that this instrument does not justify their hopes, and people are beginning to complain about the exaggerated benefits ploskorez.In fact, the problem is that the mass production associated with stamping.For these purposes it is suitable soft steels, as a solid require considerably more effort.This tool quickly blunts and shows low efficiency.

So should carefully study what you are going to purchase.Be sure to check whether there is a trade mark of the instrument.If it is not there, or the slightest doubt, it is better not take a ploskorez Fokine.The hands it is quite easy to do if there is at least a little skill with the metal and the steel strip is suitable.Yes, it will take more time, but you get the perfect tool.

How to make your own?

In order to make this tool yourself, first we must know what parts consists ploskorez Fokine.Drawing its pretty simple and straightforward.This length of the steel blade having multiple bends.

reviews ploskorez Fokine

The figure above shows the dimensions for a large ploskorez.Bending the following: first - 95-105 degrees but slightly rounded, second and third - approximately 110-130 degrees.

ploskorez For small angles remain the same, but the size will have slightly reduced.Blade length is about 10-12 cm, width of the workpiece - 2.5 cm. The restriction must be calculated proportionately.And instead of three mounting holes is two.That is, in the upper part leaving a hole.

After all carved and arched, it is necessary to sharpen the tool by both sides.

Sharing to ploskorez

Once you have made with their own hands ploskorez Fokina, you need to build for him and the right stalk.In his section, he looks more like a rectangle than usual for us to circle.

to work, we need the rail length 1.3-1.6 meters.To start flatten the corners by using planer.This 20-25 cm at the bottom left untouched, so that later it was easier to make the marks on the fasteners.

ploskorez Fokine drawing

When all the edges are removed, proceed to the bottom.Parallel to the axis of the cutting wire 2 line exactly in the middle.The distance between them should be 5-8 mm.Ploskorez then applied to the workpiece and move it up and down until the stem comes into contact with the upper bend and between them there will be no gap.The lower hole should be exactly in the middle traced lines.Make a pencil mark and drill the hole.Securely fasten ploskorez to handle, carefully making sure that the top opening was planned border lines.Drill hole and the second fastening with a bolt presses ploskorez.

Harvest bed

Some skeptics say that ploskorezy Fokina ineffective.Mankind has plowed the land for thousands of years and received excellent yields.But they will be wrong.Those Sumerians never loose soil deeper than 10 cm, although they already had tools capable of deep plowing.At the same time there is evidence that barley harvest was from the Sumerians of 300-400%, which is considered to be practically impossible to figure at the time.

Efficiency shallow tillage is that it live those helps plants.At the same time preserved natural capillary system of the soil and its osmosis.This means that even in the greatest drought in plants is the source of moisture, and in wet weather it goes deep into the surplus.

So before you criticize ploskorezy, still worth it to conduct an experiment on at least one beds.Believe me, it will be the most fruitful in your area.