What is the most powerful laptop

Virtually all sectors of the economy there is healthy competition.Each manufacturer tries to stand out among competitors unusual his invention and innovation, which the company introduces and wins the trust of your potential buyer.the most powerful laptop

booming economy

market of computer technologies in this - not the exception.This market is growing by leaps and bounds, we are constantly emerging new models of laptops, computers and top dressing.Here, for example, recently passed a very interesting announcement - not previously known manufacturing company Computer Digital Storm announced that it will release the most powerful laptop in the world.Sounds promising and tempting, is not it?

About notebook manufacturers

manufacturer of gaming laptops are so many around the world, and they produce almost identical models that differ only by case.But let's just take a look at this model.

little about the technique

The company Digital Storm simple in appearance configurator, however, changed in the laptop can be almost

anything.We will not say that is the case and the matrix only in one copy, but there is a button "change", which means that the components can adapt for themselves.the most powerful laptop in 2012 Configuring here between the good, expensive and highly expensive.That alone is worth the very possibility to install two graphics cards and two SSD-drive six hundred gigabytes!Of course, it is possible to give the name of "a powerful gaming laptop."From exotic tools - here you can change the thermal paste, which reduces heat and reduce noise notebook (IC Diamond Class Premium).

configuration computer

This notebook last year was introduced to the market with the following configuration:

- six-core processor Intel Core i7 3960XM Extreme Edition model with acceleration up to 4.5 GHz;

- thirty two gigabytes of RAM;

- two Intel 320 Series SSD (as much as 600 GB!);

- two cards of two-gigabyte model NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M;

- Drive Blu-Ray;

- powerful enough for the network adapter Killer Wireless N1103 of Bigfoot Networks.

Here is a car really deserved last year, the status of "most powerful laptop 2012"!It turns out that the laptop will cost a dream like used cars - about 6678 dollars.But the truth is, the manufacturer gives a ten-percentage discount, but still ultimately comes out expensive.Also, as a bonus offered hand-built laptop, holding settings for the user and a stress test.A technical support is guaranteed for a lifetime basis, without restrictions.Game powerful laptop

Taiwanese dragons

But that's only really the most powerful notebook of all available?Are there still other manufacturers who allow flexible way to alter the configuration by itself?Indeed, except for the company's Digital Storm, the most powerful laptop is trying to do more and MSI, ASUS, and Dell with its sister brand, known as Alienware.However, in Taiwanese companies such as ASUS and MSI, there is no sensible configurator, but the most powerful model is also impressive.Yet to strips of six thousand US dollars no one has ever reached.It is best compared to ASUS and MSI have fared Alienware.Configuration he is such:

- Intel Core i7 processor type 3920XM;

- memory of thirty two gigabytes;

- three 512 GB SSD;

- card model GeForce GTX 680M;

- BD drive and DVD-RW;

- Killer Wireless-N 1103 series;

- Windows 7 Ultimate.

It features a modern processor in games "crap" it will not be.But lose a little in multithreaded programs and games.Alienware Price is US $ 6604 and a discount in the range of $ 200.And what, in your opinion, the most powerful notebook to date?