Mouse does not work on a laptop built, what to do?

popularity of laptops is due not only to their compactness and the possibility of easy transportation, but also the presence in all the key components.In principle, it is impossible to buy a new laptop computer, which, for example, manufacturers forget to install a hard drive or give keyboard.The owner came home with a purchase, be sure that the press is the power supply and the computer system starts.Mouse not working on laptop Nevertheless, this approach has its drawbacks.

Comparing personalku and laptop

Since my desktop all the components are available (except for the models in sealed enclosures), you can easily check the performance of each of them.But if, for example, the mouse does not work on a laptop built-in, this is equivalent to a small local disaster as the usual means of verification in this case is inapplicable.The same applies to wireless communication modules, video and so on. The methods of diagnosis, of course, but they are different from those used for personal computers components.

control the cursor in

In modern applications and operating systems with a graphic interface, it is very difficult to work without a mouse or a device that implements a similar function.Mouse does not work on a laptop built Therefore, all laptops come with built-in solution, which is called "touchpad."A small rectangular surface on the front side of the body to block the key - this is the active element.In some models, there are three additional mechanical buttons, as in the classic mouse, used in other full touch control.If the mouse does not work on a laptop built-in, the problem is in the touchpad.Surprisingly, but the bulk of contacting a service center on the inability to control the cursor is solved in a few seconds.The thing is that the developers provided a function to turn this unit by using "hot keys" that unknowingly activates many laptop owners.

How to turn Touchpad

So, the mouse does not work on a laptop.What to do?First of all, do not panic.On all models, regardless of manufacturer, make sure there is a button Fn.The inscription on it is often highlighted.Upon closer examination, the keyboard can be found a few buttons, which have a signature with the same colors.When pressed simultaneously with any of them, and Fn is activated a particular function.For example, by way of black in / net "sun", you can adjust the brightness of the screen.And using the button with the image of the hand on the background of the rectangle, the user can activate or deactivate the touchpad.Thus, if the mouse does not work on a laptop, the first thing to do is to press Fn and hold the second button, the touch panel control.On models by Acer it can be F7.One click - inclusion, subsequent - deactivation.

Nuances use control "hot keys»

Moreover, this feature is available regardless of the software.When the mouse stopped working on a laptop, a combination of the above could be accidentally pressed during game play, work in office programs and even with the adjustments to the BIOS.But mouse stopped working on a laptop buttons for official functions (such as "E" in the upper right corner from Acer) only work after you install the appropriate software.This is a very important point to remember.To control the touchpad does not need any drivers, no support from the operating system.In addition, the selected state is remembered laptop.That is, if the mouse does not work on a laptop, and it was carried off "hot keys" that reinstalling OSes not solve the problem.

control program

course, not always the answer to the question "Why does not the mouse notebook?" So simple, as stated above.Sometimes it is necessary to solve the problem in an integrated manner.Mouse not working on laptop If the mouse does not work on a laptop, you need to install the driver that allows the operating system to communicate properly with the touchpad.Currently, manufacturers of portable computers, the most popular products of the three companies - ALPS, Sinaptics and Elantech.The easiest way to determine the type of touchpad opening statement.The second option - see the information bar.

If the instruction is lost

If for any reason access to the documentation there, to determine the form of the manufacturer of the touchpad, you can use the facilities of Windows.To do this, proceed to the "Device Manager", select the "Mice and pointing DEVICE", right-click on the selected device, calling the "Properties".Then everything is simple: in the tab "Information" select "ID equipment".In the list that appears to find the remains ACPI and read carefully what is behind this record.If the word «Syn», you will need to download and install the touchpad driver from Synaptics;«PNP» means ALPS, well, «ETD» corresponds Elantech.

If nothing helps

Why does not the mouse notebook In the case where all of the above methods have been tried, but the problem remained and still does not operate a mouse on a laptop computer, you should use the advice of seasoned "noutbukovedov" - turn off power supply and remove the battery.The meaning of this action is that of the internal electrical circuits left any residual charge.Sometimes this is enough for a complete disaster recovery touchpad.

also useful to remember that it is not recommended to use both the built-in touchpad, and an external USB-mouse.Especially if both devices are installed the driver from the manufacturer.The fact is that in such situations the analysis of possible conflicts is "on the conscience" of the operating system, which is understandably not a priority.Mouse not working on laptop what to do The conclusion is simple: if the mouse does not work on a laptop, you should leave it turned on only by disabling the touchpad.Or do the opposite, depending on the wishes of the owner.

Some models of laptops are in BIOS item, responsible for the activation of the touchpad.Accordingly, the use of this device should be allowed (Enabled).To access the configuration program, it is necessary immediately after the power supply is often pressing F2 or any other key (depends on the manufacturer and model).

And before you carry a laptop to a service center, it makes sense to try to re-install the operating system.Or, alternatively, restore a previous checkpoint when still working.Of course, this is possible only if this option is enabled in the Windows.