Senility and its manifestations

phrase "senility" is familiar to all from childhood.Fortunately, the reason is not a huge number of patients, and comic use of this phrase.For many exclamation: "Yes this is insanity!"- Simply means that there is something wrong, is not common sense.Unfortunately, in reality, the disease does not look like a joke, since it suffers from a man can poison the life quality and yourself, and to all the people around him.And what is especially unpleasant - senility may occur at almost any age, and notice the symptoms early enough very difficult.

Dotage origin of the name

Not everyone understands what the disease got its name.That all became clear, contact a dead language - in Latin."Marasmos" translates as "fading" and "exhaustion."The adjective refers to the age at which most often is a problem.Thus, senility - a disease caused by the depletion of the mind and its gradual fading, most often seen in the elderly.


any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.That is why you need to know why it may

occur.Unbalanced diet, smoking, alcoholism, poor physical and mental activity - all these factors provoke the death of neurons in the brain, which causes senility.


The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to treat.That is why it is so important to be able to identify the first alarm bells not leave them unattended.So, we can not sit idly by while the manifestation of the following symptoms:

Senility symptoms 1. Exaggerating character traits.Prudent and thrifty turns into a miser, cautious - in a coward.

2. Violated short-term memory - the patient may forget what he did yesterday.

3. Nature of change for the worse, a man clearly manifested its worst features.

4. The patient loses the conduct and evaluation of the adequacy of life situations, disturbed orientation in time, the mind fades away.

5. A man does not want to communicate with other people, society oppresses him.

6. Conservatism - the patient thinks that everything was fine just before suffering nostalgia disclaims any changes.

Dotage treatment severity

such diseases as senility, has several stages.The first - the easiest - is manifested only decrease in social activity and unwillingness to communicate, as well as loss of interest in the world and favorite activities.Stage moderate dementia characterized by loss of most abilities.The patient can "unlearn" to open the door, cooking, turn on the TV.He becomes a burden to their families.But if the patient completely dependent on others, is not able to feed himself and hygiene, it is already severe and irreversible senility.


Unfortunately, many people think that the problem is incorrigible.In fact, getting rid of it is possible.The main thing is time to begin treatment.So, senile retreats when taking vitamin B12, observing proper diet, gradually increasing the load on the body and mind.Also, your doctor may be appointed antidementnye and psychotropic drugs.Nice effect and may have a change of scenery.