Symptoms and signs microinfarction

In the case of myocardial infarction is melkoochagovyj character, to speak of a minor heart attack.Despite the fact that the affected area is small, the probability of getting a fatal breach is great.Particularly unfavorable disease occurs in older people, because they are often broken heart blood flow due to atherosclerosis.That is why, to prevent the occurrence of serious consequences, it is necessary to know the basic signs and symptoms of a minor heart attack.

Symptoms of the disease

If there is a subject of the state, it is impossible to clearly define Signs microinfarction location, depth of focus.This is due to the fact that developing common clinical manifestations: severe pain, fainting, weak pulse, cold clammy sweat appears.It is believed that the less severe manifestations data if detected microinfarction.Treatment in this case, in the acute phase of the disease will be in relieving pain, normalize blood pressure, as well as the elimination of violations of rhythm.With the help of various diagnostic methods

(laboratory, instrumental) outlines a clear, objective picture.Thus, blood is found a slight increase in special markers.When carrying out ECG usually subject identification signs of ischemia that persist for several days.Sometimes Microinfarction consequences expectancy can reach about two weeks.Pathological Q wave is not formed when developing a minor heart attack.The traumas of the disease will not be so serious if the due and proper examination of the diagnosis was carried out the necessary treatment.Therefore, detection of symptoms such as sudden appearance of squeezing or pain in the sternum area, the presence of weakness, shortness of breath, swelling, should immediately seek medical attention.

Signs microinfarction

In a typical course of the disease appear intense burning pain that Microinfarction treatment localized in the left abdomen behind the breastbone.They are usually given in the shoulder, neck, jaw, and interscapular region.At the same time the body temperature can rise to 38 degrees (a sign of myocardial necrosis), there is a weakness, anxiety, sweating.

Signs microinfarction atypical during

In this case, the attacks may appear similar to the asthmatic: shortness of breath, dizziness.The person may even lose consciousness.If there is damage sites located close to the diaphragm, the pain may occur in the upper part of the stomach, in the solar plexus.These are usually connected nausea, vomiting, weakness.Using ECG can detect the presence of changes in total cardiac complex.Set the location of the lesion can be through the analysis of lead electrocardiogram.In addition, sometimes there are signs of a minor heart attack, "masked" by the usual poisoning.Thus, in the affected area near the diaphragm artery pain may occur in the area of ​​the stomach.After the attacks may not even feel worse.This usually happens when the body wash its hands clot in a coronary artery.If the blood flow was delayed for a short time, the heart muscle is damaged slightly.However, you should know that a minor heart attack symptoms can appear on the background of the normal state of health, without showing any previous symptoms.