Flowers of organza - a reminder of summer all year round

To give a unique image and create a hint of lightness of organza flowers - the right decision.So the air, unique and beautiful, they are able to make any woman of real flirt.Organza flowers in their hair will give any hair style elegance, wrapping romantic train, and a scattering of flowers located on a blouse or skirt hem will make flowing outfit seductive and unique.In addition, the decoration of organza look great on hats and bags, indicating the author's style to any fashionista.organza flowers

How to make flowers with his own hands

If carve out half an hour of his time and add a bit of perseverance, you can easily make your own flower organza.To do this, cut the fabric on the circles of different diameters, a few pieces of each.If you wish, you can make the edges of the waves, cutting out unnecessary parts.After all the blanks are cut, it is necessary over a candle flame gently hold the edge of the cloth, being careful not to bring too close to the fire as organza can become deformed, and the beautiful wave

s do not get it.When all Organza Flower workpiece to be processed, it is necessary to make an incision in each of them, before reaching the center, to the desired number of future petals.Then, holding his fingers over the cuts obtained, it is necessary to carefully walk them around the flame that is left untreated edges.Then the fun part - creating a flower: foam stuck in the needle and thread, down the ear, which are strung all the blanks in the middle, beginning with the largest size.After that it is necessary to sew the middle of a few stitches and fasten thread.Everything!Flower, which then can be attached to both the rim and to blouse ready.

technology used for jewelry organza

Flowers Organza can be made only by means of fire: there are some technologies, using which you can create real masterpieces tsvetodeliya.The most basic technology that is used in working with organza - it guilloche.Its principle is based on the fact that the fabric folded in two superimposed refractory template that encircled soldering tip.The result is a sealed bag in the form of a petal.If such a shift a bit blank at the bottom and the top layer of organza to fix it with glue or soldering iron, you get amazing surround petal.Flowers Organza technique "guilloche" obtained an incredibly lush and surprisingly beautiful, and most importantly their advantage - they are made very quickly.Basics quilling can also be used tsvetodelii: just take a small piece of fabric width and folded it in half, to make an incision along the entire length of the bend.After that, the uncut portion of the folded organza screwed onto the base and in a matter of minutes to get a charming daisy.organza flowers with his own hands

universal method of assembling flower

organza flowers with your own hands can be done without using the fire: it is enough to cut some of the same circles of fabric, which after a folded sewn small stitches on the rounded edge and pulled together.The thus obtained color turns sharp petals and may be used as a decoration such as clothing and hair accessories.