Knitting crochet snowflakes - a delicate matter

On the eve of the New Year has become an urgent topic of creating snowflakes.Interestingly, many prefer needlewoman knitting crochet snowflakes carving it out of the paper.Such products are obtained by light and airy and become an exclusive decoration for the Christmas tree.They can even be used as a souvenir in addition to gifts.

knitting crochet snowflakes

knit Why?

New Year - a lovely holiday, who love not only children but also many adults.Everyone has their own reasons: someone who likes to meet the coming year with your family, someone meets with friends, we all have different traditions and preferences, but indifferent hard to find.

It was New Year's Eve people begin pleasant chores and worries about what to give.During this period, a variety of shops and amazing beauty gifts and souvenirs, but it does not compare with a gift that is made with their own hands.Everyone knows that knitting crochet snowflakes - this thing is very difficult.After all, people always put their hearts into what makes their own hands.Theref

ore, no one can remain indifferent, seeing in a festive box small or large air snowflake openwork or more white.They can be hung on the Christmas tree.After the New Year can be removed until the next holiday or a snowflake use as napkins.

knitting crochet snowflakes scheme

How to choose a scheme for snowflakes?

If we look at nature, we see that every snowflake is unique.But we do as much as they fall, and not necessary, if you think about knitting crochet snowflakes.Plans for this have varied.If you suddenly wanted to create something unique or already packed and hand crochet snowflakes understand the principle, you can make up their own schemes and make a completely unique jewelry.So get faster and more beautiful.Beginning knitters will find a simple scheme at the end of this article.

What is the secret?

In order to give the original look of fur-tree, it will be enough to tie 10-20 snowflakes, no more.It must remain a place for other toys, jewelry and maybe even sweets.Knitting for Beginners crochet snowflakes

snowflakes Knitting Crochet for beginners will not be a very time-consuming task.If you learn the basics, such as air loop, the connecting bar, column without nakida, bar with nakida, peak, then you can safely get down to business.

Obviously, knitting crochet snowflakes (they are pretty simple circuit) is built on the same principle.Everywhere dominated nakida.It is due to this product is obtained in the air space between the faces great.Often nakida not single and double and even triple.

try to contact

Knitting crochet snowflakes usually begins with a set of stitches.

offered us an option - not an exception.Here are just four of the series.Knitting is the product of not more than 30 minutes, and if the skilled worker with experience, it is much faster.

images on the scheme:

  • circle - air loop;
  • cross - polustolbik (connecting column).

order of knitting:

  1. Recruit 10 air loops and connect to the ring.
  2. first series of the connecting bars will or polustolbikov and air loops.Provyazyvaem three polustolbika.The hook must start in the ring, and not in the air loop.Provyazyvaem three air loop.Then again three columns, three air loop.Thus, it should have 18 columns.
  3. second series begins with the connecting column.Next provyazyvaem 9 stitches and make the connection in the middle column of the previous row polustolbik.The diagram is seen.Again 9 stitches, 1 polustolbik in polustolbik average of the previous row.Repeat until the end of the series.
  4. next series, third, fit similarly, only stitches will be 15 and will polustolbik provyazyvat in average air loop "arochek" previous row.
  5. last row - fourth.Here we are so tied snowflake three polustolbika in one loop of the previous row, do the three air loop, the following two polustolbika provyazyvaem, passing one loop.So we reach the middle of the arch of the air loop.Where eight air loop of the previous row, knit 9 stitches instead of 3. Then repeat until the end of the series.

knitting crochet snowflakes master class

Instead of conclusion

But knitting crochet snowflakes does not end after the cut thread.In order to view the product purchased snowflakes, not a cloth, you must perform a few simple manipulations.

  1. cracking down on the ironing board that has turned out.Rays fix needles.Through the cloth stripped snowflake.To
  2. took the form of a snowflake, you can treat it with white glue.To do this on the board or fanerku Spread bag or plastic wrap.On this surface it is necessary to smear the adhesive finished product and leave it dry.You can just starch.
  3. After snowflake dry, it can be decorated with sequins, paint with glitter.And it is possible to insert in the process of knitting or decorative buttons of beads.

is seen that beginners not be a problem knitting crochet snowflakes.The master class offered by us - to help you.Continue to create, to experiment and to disclose all the secrets of crochet!