Products from plastic bottles.

plastic bottle - inconspicuous in everyday thing.Once it was appreciated in everyday life - the older generation pitted scarce container reserve, and then used to campaign for the storage of milk or fruit compote.Times have changed, PVC bottles full of people do not have time to throw them away.And many are seriously thinking about what to do with so many unnecessary packaging - because, as we know, plastic is decomposed about 100 years.

Little by little they began to find applications.Almost everyone there was a bird feeder from a plastic bottle on the balcony or transparent homemade "Shade" in the garage.There was a lot of ideas for the reuse of unnecessary packaging.People have adapted any tinkering crafts from plastic bottles - both highly practical and extremely decorative.

Economical growers

common problem many truckers - the construction of the house and outbuildings in a small garden area with limited budget.Moreover, the seasonal operation of the house and does not require the constructio

n of major capital facilities.Enterprising gardeners have solved the problem with a typically Russian savvy - took the most ordinary PVC bottle and looked at it as a genuine, affordable, easy to process and practically free building material.

What did not make for a garden of plastic bottles - these, seemingly useless containers!Very real wall built houses, greenhouses, pergolas.Technology laying quite traditional - using grout.But brick is replaced with a plastic bottle filled with sand.It turns out the original structure in an unusual style.

Products from plastic bottles

In the future, from plastic bottles to give you can make a variety of useful tools and purely decorative elements that will withstand the design in the same style.Some of the ideas we want to share in this article.

Garden house

Although its construction of PVC packaging is no big deal, yet it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.Rows of masonry better lay wire mesh reinforcement to improve the adhesion of the solution with a smooth plastic bottles.With the same purpose wilt in the packaging of small holes - get a solution in contact with the sand, which will increase the strength of masonry.

During the work required to fix the bottles or wire rope, or disperse the ranks.Do not forget that the plastic does not tolerate heat and cold, and in five years will have to restore the house.However, taking into account material availability, and ease of erection of such ekonomdomik can "update" and more.

cylindrical shape for the construction of a round in terms of houses and arbors.And some of them can be done roof.In what way?Here are two interesting ideas.

Plastic tiles

expensive tiles can be replaced by a self-made, made with his own hands out of plastic bottles.

A large number of them should be pressed gently.If you do it without heating, container simply cracked.Lay the bottle in the sun, and then flatten.

These modules PVC screws are attached to the frame in several layers.The roof of a tile can be any shape, including conical - such as for a bath or a gazebo.

Slate Plastic

Another alternative products from plastic bottles to a makeshift roof - slate sheet.

cut off from the container neck and the bottom.The remaining cylindrical part of the bottle cut in half lengthwise, resulting semicircular elements combine PVC glue to the surface of the wave-shaped.

already existing building (or constructed from brick, wood, etc.) Can decorate the facade of the original decor of the tubes of PVC bottles.Having them in large quantities, it is easy to come up with floral pattern, geometric pattern, or "cartoon" picture.

greenhouse of plastic bottles

Pavilions and greenhouses Greenhouse

of plastic bottles - one of the most rational decisions.Traditional polycarbonate is quite expensive, and in fact - the same material.Transparent bottles are quite capable of refracting the sunlight and perform the same tasks that the laminate or glass.

In addition, if the traditional rectangular shape you bored, greenhouse from plastic bottles can be made in the form of a hemisphere with a metal frame.He built it, take a drill, a hammer with nails or a hot needle, and done in the bottoms of bottles holes.Then nanizhite vessels of plastic on the wire or fishing line length of a little more the height of the planned buildings.

get a "garland" stretch and attach to the frame - get the wall.For the stability of the bottle can be fixed in the transverse direction, each row tying wire.If you take this colorful container receive an original ornament.

Gates, fences and fence

What more good can make out of plastic bottles for the summer?

lot of money you will save by staging one fence section.The principle of use - is the same.Fill the space between the pillars of a plastic container.A little creativity - and extravagant border will not only protect, but also decorate your possession.

A fence will add originality to this flower from plastic bottles of different colors.

Covered car

A common problem - the lack of space on the site for car parking.Complete garage building long and expensive, and the car often spend days left in the hot sun, rain and wind.

Save iron friend to help the same plastic bottle.Experimenting with them is endless, replacing spoiled new ones.Carport for one car is not only functional but also give original landscape.

makes this canopy is similar to a greenhouse.Bottles with pierced holes are strung on wire and attach rows.Then they made another pair of holes (on the sides) and the therethrough extends transverse "firmware."As a result, we have a flexible and mobile "bottled fabric" of the desired size to us, which is to strengthen the frame.

feeder from a plastic bottle

solar collector

Products from plastic bottles can be a complex design using engineering thought.

If the country is no central water supply and boiler and wash at the end of a working day not want the ice, and warm some water, make offer outside shower with solar collector from the same bottles.The principle of its action is in the movement of hot water (more dense) water up cold (less dense) - down.Bathing 1 person only one square meter of such a solar panel.

The panel, assembled from plastic bottles, cold water enters the tank, and gets back already warmed.It will take approximately 60 two-liter bottles, pipes, tees and PVC corner, black paint.

have cut off the bottom of the bottle and insert one into the other.The frame is assembled from PVC pipe using tees, Bottle underlain plastic, painted black to enhance the absorption of heat.You can take the milk cartons.

panels bottles are located on the south side of the roof below the water tank.Every few years, it is desirable to replace, ie. A. Plastic becomes opaque and loses its desired properties.

other energy-saving idea - to illuminate a room that has no windows on a bright sunny day.It's enough to insert into the roof sealed plastic bottle of water, which refracts rays of the sun and illuminates the room.


from buildings turn to the cultivation of vegetables and flowers.And then we will provide products from plastic bottles.Our favorite container is convenient to grow seedlings, cut a hole and covered with soil.Do not forget about the drainage.Containers for plants can be painted or stained glass paints okleit stoppers.

When small size of the area can be arranged vertical gardening.Plastic containers are suspended on the fishing line along the wall.You will immediately save space and decorate featureless surface.

Drip irrigation of plastic bottles

done in the bottle set of pinholes, you get a device for drip irrigation.You can also pierce her tiny bottom holes and attach the hose to the bottle - the instrument is ready.And if you set this homemade water spray onto the platform with wheels from an old toy car (or the frame of a pram), you can move it all over.In this case, the drip from a plastic bottle will greatly facilitate the life of the inventive gardener.

Garden and patio furniture

carried on cottage furniture quickly lose the view from the constant dampness.You can avoid problems, make their own hands from plastic bottles practical and easy to care for furniture.

table and chairs are easy to implement and do not require special skills.Ottoman circular or square shape is obtained from the set close to each other, wrapped in a sheet of foam rubber and covered with cloth inexpensive practical bottles.The chair is made in the same way but using a metal frame.

garden lamps

Lighting fixtures for the garden, too, can save.Take a colored plastic canister, cut off the neck, inserted into the light bulb in the holder.The lamp is ready!

construct more complicated heating and deformation creates plastic bottle, oplavkoy edges and coloring.These original lamps serve as an excellent replacement for the factory, decorate the house and the land.Moreover, the light source can serve and a candle, including fine.

Landscape decor

Master decorations for the garden, using all - the whole bottle, a separate neck, bottom and middle part, as well as cut parts.Special article - cork.The decor for the garden out of them original and expressive - the track wall and house the plane fence.

stunning original decorations in the form of volume or flat figures of animals or plants that mimic the real thing.And trough from a plastic bottle - just a classic of the genre.

articles made of plastic bottles

The beds can be divided into colored paths are the same, this "cut" will give a flower garden complete.Bury the contour of the flower bed small bottle neck down.Pick them one or contrasting colors.Birds out of plastic bottles and can feed and drink.You want to enjoy the constant chirping of birds?Hang on trees cut from the same container and painted drinkers and feeders.

Garden sculptures of various materials is now extremely popular.Swan from plastic bottles of milk-white color with graceful curved neck may be not only an ornament, but also a mini-beds.Between its wings sometimes is a real flower.Several of these islands-beds miraculously transform any garden.And this is the swan from plastic bottles quickly and easily.And if you do not have an opaque white plastic, come to the aid of acrylic paint.

little more complicated in the manufacture of plastic bottles peacock.It is necessary to tinker, cutting lush fringe of the tail.But the result is worth it.Peacock from plastic bottles can be a real work of art, a sculpture is not ashamed to place the most prominent place.


Laying them - the question is always difficult and quite expensive.Provisional version of its solution will fill the paths in the area of ​​cement mortar (thin layer) and dip the plastic lids tightly to each other.You can upload a variety of ornaments and even writing.

Street washbasin

bottle with the bottom cut off, filled with water, hang down cork on a pole or a tree.If you need to wash your hands, cover slightly unscrew, and water begins to pour.

Another option - a whole bottle stopper hung up in the bottom of holes made.Gently wring plug gets into the air and water flows.

the same principle and is arranged outside shower, only the capacity you will need a much larger size.

Peacock from plastic bottles

Volume sculpture

Create decorative installations - is now fashionable trend of landscape landscaping.Because anything can such sculptures carved!And plastic bottles - is no exception.

Such work will require considerable patience and some skill.For starters, you can try to make a Christmas tree out of the bottle - on a "sledge in the summer."If you arrive in the New Year at the cottage, and coniferous forest nearby No plastic Christmas tree will be very useful.

basis of rigid rod structure will: for him the bottle or simply suspended or put on the wire and wrapped in garland in several tiers.With the support poles wood can be shaped tent.And the tree is not necessarily the classic green - are suitable variety of bottles.They can be cut, melt, warp, cut into thin strips, simulating fluffy needles, as well as paint in the most unusual color.

From decorative covers come garlands and miniature ornaments.And the tree itself does not necessarily sit for the summer - with a conical shape and size of the solid, it will serve as a pavilion for playing children.

miniature Christmas tree will turn from green bottles of Sprite.Their curved walls enough to cut "noodles" and stick to the frame-basis.

Summer Interior

Interior layout country house can vary the same bottles.What can we come up with?Yes, anything!Screens, partitions, decorative panels, and even curtains - products from plastic bottles exist in a lot of options.You will enjoy the results of their own creative work and obzavedetes exclusive thing that no one else has.

with their hands from plastic bottles

Air screens dividing the space, the master by cutting the transparent bottle bottoms, the compounds of the fishing line or wire garland and hanging in the doorway.The multi-colored curtain, shower curtain with an original pattern of going to the same caps.

Playground in the country

areas for children to play will help to separate the bright fences bottles.Possible diversion of fields for mini-golf, construction sandpit, swings, and even fairy houses.You can make football goals and a maze for the kids.

If there is a garden plot near the pond, you can rest on the bank of the great variety.It is enough to make even the simplest craft.To get on a deserted island, fishing, but just ride along the coast - all this will be possible thanks to the same universal indispensable bottles of PVC!

Boat bottled

can limit a small narrow boats such as the Indian cakes where to put one or two.And you can "wipe" and a serious boat for three or four passengers.The easiest way to produce rectangular raft, with it you can go fishing far from shore.He received quite stable and reliable.

if you think about a boat-shaped paddle, cut off the bottom of the bottle, insert one into the other, you get the likeness long tube.Joints furniture strengthen the broad tape, which is not afraid of water.Of the individual pipes collect the bottom and sides using the same tape, makes the structure a wedge shape.It is necessary to observe the ratio of the width and height of the vessel.

Garden of plastic bottles

design more complex - a boat.Bottles standing upright, connect the two rows of housing and sealed packages.On a boat, you can even install a small motor.

Palma from a plastic bottle

All the trees and bushes of plastic are made on the same principle.It would take themselves bottles, wire, scissors, paint for plastic.To fit the palm of the middle and lower part of the dark shades.Of the other - green - will be tinkering foliage.

Each bottle cut the bottom, it is inserted into another such, continue to the desired height.Inside the center stretch wire.Top fastened the neck of a bottle of green without a bottom.Then you need to cut a lot of "fringe" of green plastic strips and glue lush hanging down the branches.

better if the palm of a plastic bottle will stand in the garden is not alone.The islet of them will be original decoration of any garden in winter and summer.Plastics - quite resistant to cold and rain the material.Do not forget for safety melted slices bottles.

In this work with great interest will be children.It's a great way to take the kids and give them the opportunity to show diligence and imagination.