New York: The sights.

As everyone knows, is the heart of the United States, Washington - its capital, while New York may be called the main gate of the vast country.Today it is the largest political, economic and cultural center."Big Apple" is a miniature likeness of America, after all, that there is in its open spaces, can be found on the streets of this metropolis.Millions of tourists from around the world each year seek here, hoping to plunge into a unique atmosphere, where neighbors-the-art technology, the rapid movement of business districts and the silence of world famous museums.

Statue of Liberty in America

monuments in New York

so happened that the town was originally developed as a major port, but after a while became known as a center of immigration.It is no coincidence the Statue of Liberty in America, which has become a symbol of freedom for all, to get there, it is located in New York.People from all over the world aspire to the city, to walk the famous Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, admire the views from the lookouts Empire

State Building, visiting the Metropolitan Opera, Madison Avenue, historical museums.New York attractions which is a tremendous diversity, affects everyone who arrived.Here, even the most experienced traveler will be able to find something that will not leave him indifferent.This city will never get tired to surprise their guests and each time was called from an unexpected quarter.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

One of the most famous is the American business cards Brooklyn Bridge in New York, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn - the two largest district.In New York, this structure connects the two banks of the East River.Today, his silhouette is one of the most recognizable in this metropolis like New York City attractions which are known worldwide.This is the oldest bridge of the city.Its construction was started in 1870 and lasted 13 years.The construction of the bridge
John Roebling (engineer who developed the project) was first used steel ropes as load-bearing.Today it operates safely by placing the canvas on his six lanes for traffic and one central - for pedestrians and cyclists.Not surprisingly, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, built in the days when the main transport was the horse is a symbol of victory for American Progress.

most famous skyscraper

Empire State Building

Tower, Empire State Building, located on the island of Manhattan, and today remains the most famous skyscrapers in New York.This building of 102 floors rising above the ground 373 meters (a given antenna spire, then 443 meters), even after the construction of higher buildings is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.With 86 floors and 102 are equipped with a special platform where everyone can enjoy the panorama of the metropolis.

Brooklyn Museum

addition to the technological wonders and entertainment, have enormous popularity and museums in New York.One of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States is considered to be Brooklyn."The city fathers" created it as an institution, accessible to all, as a place where you can find everything that should have been a formation and education of the American nation.The basis of the exposition was the library of the Marquis de Lafayette - one of the prominent figures of the American Revolution.Over time, the number of exhibits is growing rapidly, and soon the Museum of Brooklyn became known throughout the world.Today is 50, 000 square meters is a collection of exhibits covering almost three thousand years of historical period, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to the American art of the colonial period.

Museum of Natural

Museums of New York

Another world-famous institution is the American Museum of Natural History, located in New York.He is considered the biggest in the world - is located in 25 buildings in which there are more than 40 showrooms.This is where the largest collection of dinosaur skeletons, the ceiling of the hall with an exhibition devoted to the oceans is a stuffed blue whale in full size.But it is deservedly considered a pearl of the library, which contains the most complete collection of books on natural history.Today it has more than 450,000 volumes.


New York: The Sights

New York attractions which are inexhaustible, and even famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).Founded in 1928 with the direct participation of the Rockefeller family, he became one of the most ambitious projects of the last century.Few believed that this idea will be successful, but today it is one of the most famous museums in the world where you can enjoy the masterpieces of modern art.What began as a small exhibition, located in 6 halls unremarkable house, now located in the building, which itself acts as a masterpiece of modern architecture.The Museum holds a large collection of works created no earlier than 1880.The exposition is constantly updated, and many contemporary writers dream to exhibit their work in these walls.


Another world-famous museums of New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Founded in 1870, it is located in the eastern part of Central Park.The main difference from other similar establishments is the fact that from the beginning it existed and replenish their exhibits through donations from patrons and art lovers.Today, the foundation of his exposition consists of three private collections.In addition, there are more than two million items, 700,000 of which the museum annually provides to other agencies.Metropolitan has an extensive collection of ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman art, but here are a unique collection, dedicated to the culture of the Far and Middle East, the largest collection in the world dedicated to the art of Islam.In addition, here you can find almost all the work of modern masters.

New York City attractions

course, New York and attractions that make it a tourist mecca of the world is almost impossible to fully inspect a week for two or even a month.It wants to go to Battery Park and 5th Avenue, visit the Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal, walk around the block Chinatown, Greenwich Village and Little Italy.Inspect Madame Tussauds and other museums in New York.During a short guided tour it is almost impossible to do that is just the reason to come back here again, because no matter how many times you visit this magical city, you expect many more new experiences.