Torzhok: attractions, their photo and description

city with a rich history, ancient churches and monasteries, one of the oldest in Russia - Torzhok it.It is located on the river Tvertsa, 205 kilometers from Moscow.Its origin is attributed to the end of IX - beginning of X century.Which was first mentioned in 1136.Torzhok attractions

From the history of the city

For centuries Torzhok was protected Novgorod lands from the raids of the Mongols.It happens that in this fight the townspeople lost, but wore much the enemy.For example, in 1238 the squad of the city along with the locals attack by Mongol troops within two weeks.This made it possible to prepare Novgorod to meet the enemy.

City was built as a trade and craft settlements.It sold honey and flax, wool and grain, as well as the forest.Torzhok was famous for its goldsmiths, lacemakers, gold embroiderers, carvers of wood and bone, blacksmiths and potters.

«Golden Age» Torzhok began at the end of the XVIII century.Changing its architectural appearance - the city has known architects Nikitin, Rossi, Kazakov, Lviv a

nd others.In Torzhok, new office buildings, shopping arcades, stone houses.In place of the old churches and cathedrals built new, even more luxurious facilities.The newly created architectural ensembles of the city have not made uncomfortable.As before, he exuded comfort, simplicity and charm inherent in a small ancient Russian settlements.

City Torzhok attractions which are truly unique, not only attracts Russian tourists.Every year it is visited by thousands of foreign visitors.Torzhok attractions Photo

City Torzhok: attractions

Most visitors begin inspection of places of memory with Boris and Gleb Monastery, founded boyar Ephraim in 1038.Shocked by the death of Boris and Gleb, which cunningly killed their brother Prince Svyatopolk called Ephraim withdrew from social life and settled on the banks of Tvertsa, built a stone church and founded a monastery.When Ivan the Terrible (1577) were added to it two limits.For the first time the cathedral was badly damaged in 1607, but a fire in 1742 completely destroyed it.

At the end of the XVIII century the revival of the monastery.On the site of an ancient temple was built the Cathedral of Sts.The author of the project was the famous architect NA Lvov.The majestic building is designed in a classical style.Facades are lined with Doric portico.Broad and somewhat flattened octagonal drum and small domes make the building a little overweight.

Vvedenskaya church

Today, many want to come in Torzhok.Landmarks, photos of which you can see in this article, is still of interest to historians.

Vvedenskaya church was built on the site of an ancient wooden church, which was destroyed in 1609 by the Poles.It had been burned alive, Archimandrite of the monastery and all the brethren, and some townspeople.Their charred bones were buried after the fire.In place of the wooden chapel of the church established.It annually on January 25 held a solemn commemoration of the souls of all the people burned in the temple.Torzhok attractions and the surrounding area

new two-story stone Vvedenskaya church was built in 1620.Until 1832 the church was in its original form - with a refectory, cellarer, riznichnoy rooms.In 1833, the altar was rebuilt in ponomarskuyu room, the rest of the cathedral along the refectory was attached to the church, which in the same year consecrated Archbishop Gregory.

In 1879, the merchant IK Shtankovskogo on the left side of the church was built a chapel righteous Jehoiakim, who in the same year was consecrated.In Vvedensky church, a new porch with beautiful stairs of hewn stone.In 1887, he was covered with gold dome of the temple.At the same time, it was built three-tiered bell tower polygonal.

In Soviet times, the interior of the church and the majority of the icons were lost.Vvedensky temple of the first buildings of Boris and Gleb Monastery in 1997, was handed over to the monks.

Museum of gold embroidery

When you come in Torzhok (Tver region), are astonishingly varied attractions.In addition to the historical and architectural monuments, it is strongly recommended to visit the Museum of gold embroidery.

It was founded in 1964.The city of Torzhok in Russia has long been famous for its gold embroidery art, which was sung by Pushkin, we stayed here many times, traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg in Bernovo, Mikhailovskoye.The city of Torzhok attractions

products with gold embroidery in Russia used the kings, nobles, churchmen.Torzhok have not forgotten about the ancient art.At the factory, and today the city has several masters of the highest level.They create a unique exhibition things are developing samples for mass production.Their best work in competition with samples of masters of the past, and they continue to honor the tradition of gold embroidery art of the city.

presented in the museum exhibits tell about the history and modern development of this ancient craft.Here are embroidered with tinsel, silver and gold belt and shoes of the XVIII century, the elements of hats that relate to the beginning of XIX century.

Attractions Torzhok and its suburbs

Many tourists who come to the city for a few days, having fun visiting the monument, located outside its territory.These primarily include the well-known estates - Znamenskoye Rusk, Nikolskoye-Cherenchitsy Estate Museum Vasilyevo and estate Mitino, which we describe in more detail.

This is one of the most outstanding works of the architect NA Lvov.Needless to say, the estate, located in Vasilevo, belonging to the genus lions.

Mitino development and establishment as an independent estate began in the second half of the XVIII century.In this period there appeared a manor house, which was the residence of the lions.It existed until 1840.The house is on the same place where the new building was constructed.

great architect used all the features of the landscape of this territory - relief ledges were decorated terraces.To the south of the main house is the cellar-pyramid.It is the most perfect structure Mitino.It is a kind of emblem of the creative city.

Burial Anna Kern

Every year thousands of admirers come to Pushkin Torzhok.Sights of the city associated with the name of the great poet.Of course, this Pushkin Museum, which is a one-storey building belonging to the XIX century Olenin, which often zahazhival Alexander, spending time in Torzhok.Torzhok, Tver region attractions

six kilometers from the city there is a graveyard.Here, on the banks of Tvertsa is modest burial, the resting Anna Kern.She died in Moscow, but she will bury her in Pryamuhino followed next with her second husband.But because of bad weather, her body was buried in the family cemetery Lviv.Tomb A. Kern is located in the shadow of a spreading acacia and surrounded by lilac bushes.

So we tell you a little about Torzhok.Attractions of this amazing Russian town can not be described in a small article.So if you have a chance, go to Torzhok.Believe me, the trip will be exciting.