How to draw Sponge Bob: Master Class

All children have their favorite cartoons and characters.The child has posters of his favorite toys, and many other small things.But this is not enough.Most of them want to know how to draw Sponge Bob, and we help them in this.

At first glance it may seem that portray this character easier, but it is not.There are quite difficult moments, each of which we will examine in a master class.With the help of Bob can draw even the novice.

Who is SpongeBob?

SpongeBob - yellow sea sponge.He wears square pants and enjoys great popularity among children, adults and teenagers.He lives the main character in a beautiful town on the ocean floor.This is a very cheerful creature that has a lot of friends.

how to draw sponge bob

How to draw Sponge Bob:

tools necessary to proceed to the main stage - drawing.

For this we need:

  • pencil;
  • sheet of paper;
  • eraser.

how to draw SpongeBob?Step by step instructions

Paint this fun character is quite simple.You decide how it will look Spongebob and the web you will find many different

options.In our master class presented the easiest of them.

Sponge Bob how to draw a pencil.The main stages:

  1. must first draw a rectangle.It is a form of sponges.
  2. Divide it into absolutely equal halves using a vertical strip.
  3. now possible to designate the place where will be located the mouth and eyes.Most suitable for this is the middle of the rectangle.Schematically, mark the place where will be located the upper part of the eye.Draw the bottom leg of the protagonist and shoulders.
  4. Getting prorisovyvaniyu details.The eyes should be perfect shape and the nose slightly elongated.
  5. Draw a charming smile, which should occupy almost the entire central part of the body of Bob.
  6. Getting adding effects sponges.First of all, it should represent the largest pores, which should look exactly like a normal sponge.
  7. Give head SpongeBob uneven shape.
  8. Now came the turn of the bottom.Divide the remaining rectangle, or rather part of it, at the half.In the upper part is displayed with a tie and shirt collar.The bottom part - pants.
  9. remains the case for small - arms and legs.If not confident in their abilities - can not hand draws and just hide them behind.In this case, the mind will be only the shoulders and elbows hero.Feet start in his pants, and then draw the knees.Do not forget the shoes, which should be similar to the galoshes.

how to draw sponge bob stages

Now you know how to draw sponge bob in stages, and as you can see, it's very simple.

Drawing SpongeBob just five stages

everyone's favorite cartoon character can be represented in all five stages.The most difficult step - 3, 4, as they are more saturated.All attention should be paid to the eyes and the shape of the character's body.Now, let's talk more about how to draw Sponge Bob in several stages.

how to draw a pencil sponge bob

  1. Draw a rectangle in a vertical arrangement.Doing several lines: vertical and two horizontal.Until the end of the first argument does not follow.Instead of hands is necessary to depict two arcs, and will act as legs straight lines.
  2. now on the second line mark the three doodle.Most will nose, and the remaining two will be useful for the mouth.Give your hands and feet a rounded shape.
  3. At this stage, you need to draw the sleeves and angular pants.You will have a lot of extra lines, but will get rid of them at the end.Now we need two remaining doodle.With their help we draw a smiling mouth.Do not forget about the teeth and chin.Create an eye on both sides of the main line.
  4. gives the body the proper form.Wipe auxiliary lines on the pants, the body and sleeves.At this stage it is necessary to draw a tie and completely sketch pupils.
  5. rid of the remaining auxiliary lines.Complete the drawing fingers, toes and doodle, it's all the same sponge.