"Boeing 757-200": the best seats in the cabin and a description of the aircraft

company "Boeing" is one of the most famous aircraft manufacturers.In the late seventies of the twentieth century, she released a passenger plane "Boeing 757-200", which can be called the most successful and profitable of its project.

The aircraft used by a huge number of airlines around the world.

history of the aircraft "Boeing 757-200"

The first flight of this machine made back in 1982, and at the end of the same year, she received certification in America, then in England, and then began mass production of the aircraft.

I must say that the popularity of the aircraft was not immediately possible due to the small number of passengers in those years, or by reason of the greater prevalence of competitive aircraft."Boeing 757-200" was produced until 2004, and was later replaced by the latest modifications.Boeing 757 200

Incidentally, it is worth noting the fact that the benefit of the plane says his use of American supreme military command.For these purposes it is used and the authorities of Saudi Arabia and M

exico, and the first, for example, is extremely demanding and suspicious of everything related to security.

The cabin

"Boeing 757-200", which is so roomy interior that can simultaneously accept 200 people on board, not counting, of course, the captain and crew, can be found at any airport in the world.This is a fairly common flying machines.In the universal scheme cabin is divided into three parts: economic, business and first.According to the creators, the device can also be operated using only two classes, economy and business.But due to this "Boeing 757-200" can only accommodate 180 people.

scheme interior

Each row cabin is six seats, which are located on the top three, the left and right of the center aisle.It should be noted that it is very convenient for passengers.Shop sufficiently wide, allowing passengers to stay incredibly comfortable in their chairs, and divided it by 40 rows.757 200 best places

before the first of them in toilets, so is unlikely that these places can be called comfortable, but their advantage is the ability to conveniently position the legs.Second row also prevents sanitary room as him almost flat against its wall.For those who have back problems, you should not buy tickets for seats in row 10, because there is no backrest recline due to the fact that for them there is an emergency exit.At number 11, there is a huge advantage: it is possible to straighten the legs, but these seats are not jailed people with children and people with disabilities.In addition, the passage must be free from items of hand luggage.The most comfortable, in the opinion of knowledgeable people, a number of №32, as there recline chair legs can be conveniently placed, next to the toilets is not observed, in general, it is really the most pleasant and best places throughout the cabin.

Among uncomfortable places are the following ranks:

  • №12 - According to some passengers, there is always very cold;
  • №15 - usually around these places there is no window, and both want to look at the cloud and the ground during the flight;
  • №30 and №40 - chair of this series do not recline, moreover, followed by the toilet (for the next №40 located technical room), which definitely creates different inconveniences.

Best Places

difficult to determine exactly which seats on the plane can be called the best.Some believe that this is determined by proximity to the security or emergency exit (although in the case of an accident is unlikely to save).Others argue that the main thing - comfortable and comfortable seating, so you can, for example, stretch your legs, back back overturn, while not interfering with their neighbors behind.For others it is important that there were a number of sanitary facilities, and the fourth prevent odors.Boeing 757 200 Salon

If we talk about security, here the point of view of experts agree: need to sit closer to the tail.Of course, all the arguments that sitting in one place or another, a person gets a better chance to survive in the event of any problems, hardly have grounds.But the action of entering the Russian proverb "better safe than sorry."

In addition, there are special resources where you can see which sites in a particular plane the best and convenient, sometimes it is possible to compare the two aircraft together.But as mentioned above, according to polls of passengers in an airplane "Boeing 757-200" best places are among №32.

Accidents "Boeing 757-200"

Neither vehicle is not insured against accidents and malfunctions.The aircraft "Boeing 757-200" wrecked only 8 times, which, compared with other aircraft, is negligible.In addition, it is worth noting that some accidents occurred through no fault of the crew, and not due to technical breakdowns.Boeing 757 200

For example, the infamous terrorist attack in the United States, which resulted in the destroyed Twin Towers took place on board the aircraft "Boeing 757-200".

In any case, it's really worth the aircraft: sturdy and reliable.It is equipped with the new systems software, it has an incredibly low noise level and offers passengers greater comfort.There is no doubt that it meets all necessary safety and regulatory standards.