Anton Makarskii: biography.

Today, the hero of this article will be the famous Russian singer, film actor and theater Makarskii Anton Aleksandrovich.Admirers of his talent interested in all that relates to their idol.Anton Makarskii biography

Anton Makarskii: biography

Anton was born in the city of Penza in the autumn of 1975, in a creative family.His dad was in the city theater of dolls, mother - a musician, and my grandfather - People's Artist of the Russian Federation Michael Kaplan.

From an early age, Anton was fond of art, studied in the school drama club.This range of his interests was not limited.Future actor Anton Makarskii fond fencing, boxing (in the middle weight), was engaged in equestrian sport.

older sister of Anton says that brother always has a strong power, which attracted people like a magnet.Makarskii certainly been a leader in the school and in the yard, and in the theatrical studio.

graduating from high school, Anton entered the Institute of Physical Education of the city of Penza.But later his uncle, who saw his nephew actin

g abilities, advised him to try his hand at creative profession.

Getting creative way

In 1993 Anton went to Moscow and passed the examination and the huge competition in three well-known theater schools - GITIS, Shchukin and Schepkinskom.He chose the Shchukin School, which he successfully graduated in 1998.

From that point within two months of playing at the theater "Nikitsky Gate" Anton Makarska.Biography of the talented young man could have been different, but the love for the arts, the theater was stronger passion for sports.movies with Anton Makarska

Unexpectedly for many, Anton decided to leave the army.He served in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry.Have served their term, Anton returned and immediately passed the casting for a leading role in the musical "Metro", which was placed on the stage of Theatre of Operetta.

first success

real fame came to the young actor after his brilliant debut in the popular musical "Notre Dame de Paris."Anton played the role of Captain Phoebus.This happened in May 2002.Antonio immediately drew the attention of both ordinary viewers and professionals.

Makarska movie

Anton Makarska, whose biography by 2003 has already been strongly associated with the work, he made his debut in the series, a favorite of the audience - "Poor Nastia".Sophisticated and refined Andrei Dolgoruky was quite different from the romantic Phoebe.

Interestingly, the role of Dolgoruky, Peter Stein, director of the series, was looking for a young man with a pronounced Slavic appearance.But he could not resist when I saw samples of brown-eyed brunet spectacular Makarska, okay sitting on it military uniform, with the ideal bearing.He did not hesitate to give this role to him.However, there was a small correction - using contact lenses brown-eyed Anton became a blue-eyed handsome man.In this picture, the directors could not resist the temptation to show the audience vocal abilities Makarska.

As a large school shooting took this series Anton Makarska.Actor biography is full of surprises, but he could not even suggest that he was lucky to work on a film set with the masters of Russian cinema - Albert Filozova, Olga Ostroumova, Alexander Filippenko.

summer of 2003, actor and singer Makarskii recorded his first solo album and began to tour and appear in various Russian TV projects.Makarskii Anton Aleksandrovich

In 2007, he played the role of French in the famous TV series "Pen and Sword", and a year later he was offered the role of Henry, son of musketeers Aramis, in the film "Return of the Musketeers."

should be noted that a very versatile actor Anton Makarska.His biography (creative) is full of vivid and memorable roles.His filmography includes 32 films and TV series.It is important that the popular and highly sought-after actors do not always perform the leading roles.Movies with Anton Makarska memorized even if he plays them very small role.Each actor acts, if not in the lead role, played by such episodes, which are stored for a long time viewer.

main role of Anton Makarska

While Anton was not yet 40 years old, he had already established himself as a talented, thoughtful, held an actor.No wonder he has played more than 20 roles in famous Russian paintings.Today we present to you just a few movies with Anton Makarska.

«Breathe with me" (2012) - Horror

In this picture Makarskii starred Peter, who is happy with his girlfriend Lana.Despite all the obstacles, they have not abandoned their love.But they did not know that ahead of them face serious tests - Peter was married to Karine, their soon to be born child.Lana - daughter Dasha, who is torn between Lana and her father.It would seem, Igor and Karina released his beloved, he himself was unable to arrange a personal life.To his horror, Peter and Lana realize that happiness is built on the misery of others ...

in love again stood before a difficult choice.Every day more and more entangle their jealousy, mistrust, fear of losing my happiness.They are plagued by doubts - whether they were entitled to destroy the family for the sake of their own happiness?

Anton Makarskii and his wife

«Odessa" (2013) - melodrama, crime film

Makarskii Anton Aleksandrovich, according to critics, is very professional starred Odessa Arcadia operative Reznik.

young man came to St. Petersburg to visit his old friend - a private detective.Their meeting almost ended in tragedy - in front of his friend Arkady seriously wounded.

Odessa decides to find the perpetrators.He immediately falls under the scope and bandits, and investigators, and some powerful, but unknown forces.

Aid Reznik nowhere to wait, have to fight for yourself.Only one man who can be trusted - a former lover Tanya Reznik.During the investigation of extinct once romantic feelings flare up again, it is difficult to resist the pressure and charm odessite ...

«The Road Home" (2014) - Horror

As you know, in the army, Anton Makarska.Biography of actor (the fact) is partly reflected in this picture.

professional military, contractor, Sergeant Matvei Gerasimov - honest, direct and open person.It does not protect its soldiers, it does not bend to his superiors.He dedicated his entire army life and is not it "in the civilian world."Over the years, he has not got a family.Blank and quite windy life of a young person concerned about his father.Gerasimov had promised him that the next time will certainly come home with the bride ... Anton and Victoria Makarska

«Son of the Father" (2014) - drama, crime film

intelligent young man Vadim Ilyin lives measured life.He works as a school teacher of history and to marry Vera.

After the sudden death of his father Vadim learns from his mother that he was adopted as a child.Ilyin decided to find his parents and discovers that his father - a well-known in the area of ​​criminal authority Teodoradi.Thieves and bandits, illegal businesses are turning to Teodoradi for help in establishing the truth.Its decisions are binding and not subject to appeal.

to Vadim "Judge" - a symbol of all the unacceptable and inappropriate in life.Introducing the "Judge" destroys his familiar world ...

«Do not pair" (2015) - Horror, Detective

In this ironic story it comes to love a girl-detective Savelevoj Kostrova and swindler.In the midst of a whirlwind romance, which happened 15 years ago Campfires reserves Savelyev.But fate always return debts, it brings them back to idealistic and charming romp again found each other ...


Anton and Victoria Makarska - a romantic ideal.This pair is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the modern domestic film industry.

young people met at the casting of the musical "Metro".Anton saw Victoria and realized that he was missing.According to the actor, he fell in love with Vic at first glance.He tried in every way to achieve its location, but it took a lot of work to golden-haired beauty Victoria answered him in return.

Anton and Victoria Makarska never hidden their relationship, and soon this beautiful affair became public.A year later, a loving couple was married.And three years later, Anton and Victoria officially registered their relationship.

Makarskii Anton and his wife spent their honeymoon a very original way - on the set of the "Fort Boyard".

starring Anton Makarskii

This beautiful couple is one of the strongest among the well-known and popular personalities.The couple spend together twenty-four hours a day.Even on the road, they go together.Victoria often acts as the organizer of concerts of Anton.

According spouses, unlike many star couples are tired without each other.From the very beginning of their relationship they had a huge dependence on each other - and the physiological and emotional.Anton said that Vick - it is his greatest reward in life and at the same time one of the eternal fear.He is not afraid for myself, but for Victoria.If it is to happen, it will live without him?

recently Makarskii Anton and his wife purchased the land at the Yaroslavl highway and built a house in the construction of which they have invested more than fifteen million dollars.It would seem that everything goes perfectly.But one thing marred the happiness of the spouses - children.Anton and Victoria Makarska are very upset that they can not become parents.Children Anton Makarskii

After 13 years of happy marriage, young people desperate to have a baby.Victoria could not get pregnant.Makarska began to collect documents for the adoption of a child.But a miracle happened, and at the beginning of September 2012 in the family of Makarska born charming girl who was named Masha.

After birth parents happy almost all the time living in Israel, but they have already done with his new-born Princess tour.The girl has a loving uncles, aunts, grandmothers and even great-grandmother, but her parents do not even want to leave for a few minutes with his long-awaited crumbs.