Waterpark in Marino - the best place to stay

Residents of the capital can select entertainment to suit all tastes: theaters, cinemas, circuses and restaurants are virtually guaranteed.In recent years, sophisticated audience prefers unusual leisure.If you are tired of the bad weather, go to the place where it is always warm.

Waterpark in Marino was opened five years ago and during that time managed to gain popularity not only among the inhabitants of the South-East District."Fantasy" welcomes guests with an incredible atmosphere, quality service and lots of fun activities.Inside entertainment venue, you will find five "continents", each of which provides its own original theme.

There's Always Sunny

In one of the two buildings of the complex is a water park - the territory of eternal summer.For fans of extreme entertainment is provided four slides: "Fantasy", "Barracuda", "Kamikaze" and "Toboggan".The kids will be happy to splash around in the children's paddling pool and try their hand at special slides, safety is always under control.a water park in Marino

Rejuvenate water park in Marino offers a jacuzzi, a wave pool, or while sailing along the slow river that flows around the island.Twice a week there are classes in aqua aerobics.To get warm after water treatment may be in the infrared and traditional saunas.If you are going to spend a whole day in the entertainment center, a cafe, a stylized pirate ship, it will be very helpful.

Four kinds of tickets and special student rate offers a water park "Fantasy".The Marino is not much leisure complexes, and this is considered one of the best.

Long live Africa!

Recently fashionable to hold children's parties in the cafe with the animators.African "continent" was created specifically for the younger guests.There is a theme park.

designers managed to create a real jungle: outlandish parrot on the walls, overgrown with trees and swirl of bright colors.The kids pretty quickly mastered in such a situation, playing fantastic characters and conquering the wall the children's playground.Fantasy water park in Marino It seems that the best place for a birthday party - a water park in Marino, which reviews only confirm this.For special occasions the children's VIP-lounge with karaoke.

Wild West awaits

adult visitors "live" on the third floor of the entertainment center.You know, the hallmarks of a water park "Fantasy"?In Marino has its own "America"!That is called a relaxation area where you can play bowling, and Russian and American billiards.a water park in Marino reviews Day card holders 50% discount.The interior of the cafe "Hollywood" in a contemporary style, and the bar "Bermuda" serves excellent fish and meat on the grill.


Europe and Antarctica - which brings together two of the world?That's right, a water park in Marino.In the first and fourth floors, guests can rent one of the rooms for corporate events, birthdays, weddings or any other celebration.

classic interior of the main hall, good service and delicious dishes from the chef - it has everything you need for a festive evening.Fans a water park in Moscow, Marino East have to taste Moroccan room with soft pillows and sofas.In addition, for guests it operates VIP-zone.

Every year the water park in Marino becomes a place for the prom.Children and teens can celebrate here the end of primary or secondary school.Traditionally, in the center of the room "grow" tree of wishes, and alumni tie ribbons on memory, drawing in his head bright prospects adulthood.

on luxury "continent" "Antarctica" held corporate events large organizations, because the hall can accommodate up to 500 people.Sound and light equipment, stage decorations and the possibility of balls - fun and colorful emotions are provided to all guests.

relax with friends or to arrange a holiday for children - all year round the door a huge entertainment complex open to visitors.Do you know where the best water park in Moscow?Marino - a wonderful area, reachable by car or public transport easily.A huge range of services, excellent service and reasonable prices "Fantasy" will pleasantly surprise you.