Watercolor painting: basic concepts, features and techniques

What can convey shades of nature more true than in watercolor painting?No one would argue with the assertion that the peak of the popularity of the genre in Russia was in XVIII century.However, today there is nothing stopping a person aspiring to art alone to master the technique of watercolor painting.

The most important: the meaning of important historical data

word "watercolor" means "watery", has both Italian and French roots (Acquarello and Aquarelle).This term is usually called a special technique of painting with watercolors, which, thanks to the unusual qualities of the coloring pigment, allows you to create all sorts of color transitions.However, sometimes the word "watercolor" hiding ordinary water-based paints.


watercolor painting has a long history.Homeland of this genre of fine art is considered to be China (presumably II century AD).In Europe, watercolor came much later - when there began to be made of paper (XII-XIII century).The forerunner of watercolor painting mural was giving

a similar effect when painting on plaster.

How a watercolor painting?

drawing process begins with the selection of paper, brushes and paints.The use of different techniques requires selection of a suitable material.For example, coarse paper is used to create original textures and fine-grained sheets are used where necessary detail.It is recommended to pre-cook the squirrel round brush and pencil hard enough.

watercolor painting

outlines with a pencil the location of objects in the composition of the future.Watercolor painting before application of paints necessarily moistened with water.This technique allows you to create brushstrokes blurred shapes.You can choose any technique of watercolor painting, depending on:

  • humidity paper and brushes;
  • method of applying paint;
  • number of coats.

watercolor paintings

Experts advise to use in the process for the selection of the palette of colors, made of ordinary sheet of paper.

Russian master of watercolor painting

watercolor paintings are very colorful and expressive.The best Russian masters of watercolor considered Semen Shchedrin, Carl Bryullov, Pyotr Sokolov, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Repin and Valentin Serov.However, the list of names goes on and on.Each of the authors has brought something different to the genre of art.

Watercolor painting - is not just an artistic movement.This is a unique solar world, combining bright colors and expressive textures!