Maasdam - for a variety of cheese dishes

Maasdam is a semi-traditional Dutch cheese from cow's milk.The most characteristic feature is the "eye" (the hole), that make up most of the cheese.Maasdam (cheese) was established in the early 1990s as an alternative to more expensive Swiss Emmental.It is a product with a high fat content - at least 45%.Although it is similar to Emmental, Maasdam moisture content considerably greater, making it resilient.To date, nearly 15% of Dutch cheese produced falls on him.

Maasdam cheese

The Maasdam is different from similar products?

Maasdam (cheese) ripens faster than other Dutch similar products, and becomes ready for use within four to 12 weeks.Shell cheese has a smooth, waxy yellow or natural polished skin, similar to the coating of Gouda.Inside it contains a dense mass of pale yellow color with a large "eyes".It has a creamy texture and sweet, buttery, nutty flavor with a fruity background.When the shutter speed this cheese is delicious in a sandwich or as a snack.In addition, the Maasdam able to satiate the taste

buds of any gourmet by melting it in a pan, in a soup or fondue.

Maasdam cheese price

What eat Maasdam?

This product goes well with dry white wines, including the famous brands, as well as with a light ale.Its rich and creamy taste and a smooth, resilient texture due to the fact that it contains 25% less salt than other Dutch cheese.

Since Maasdam was invented by crossing the Dutch Gouda and Emmental properties, it is similar to both the cheese.

His prescription was unchanged over the past few years, as it provides the desired texture and moisture content required for the formation of the "eye", which is known for cheese and Maasdam.The manufacturer of this product - the Netherlands, but the recipe is not a secret.With a strong desire, you can cook it in the home.The result is a sweet flavored product is not worse than the store.

Maasdam cheese composition

Cottage cheese Maasdam - composition and recipe


50 liters of raw milk;

3/4 hours. The lodges.sourdough culture Cult02 or CHR Hansen Flora Danica;

3/4 hours. The lodges.sourdough culture Cult11 or CHR Hansen LH-B02 thermophillic;

1/2 hours. The lodges.sourdough culture Cult10 or CHR Hansen PS1;

15 ml calf rennet enzyme.

Maasdam cheese President

Cooking cottage cheese

1. Heat the milk to a temperature of 31 degrees.Celsius.

2. Add first starter and leave to mature for 30 minutes.

3. Add the rest of the culture and stir for 2-3 minutes.

4. Leave the mixture to stand for 40 minutes.

5. Cut the thickened mixture into the holes 7 mm in diameter.

6. Stir for 20 minutes.

7. Remove the 25% whey formed and replace it with an equal amount of water at 31 degrees.

8. Heat the mixture to a temperature of 38 ° C for 30 minutes while stirring.

9. Let sit for 40 minutes.

10. Cover container with a mixture of the fabric and hold it under the pressure of 20 kg for 30 minutes.

11. Then will last for 1 hour under the pressure of 30 kg.

12. Open cheese, level surface and place it under the 30-pound press another 4 hours.

13. Remove the press and leave to infuse for 24 hours.

14. Pre-maturation occurs at 14 degrees for 1 week.

15. Finally, the cheese ripening at 20 ° C for 3 weeks.

16. Aged Maasdam from 1 to 5 months at 10-12 degrees.

As already mentioned, Maasdam (cheese) can be used as a self-starters and sandwiches, and used to prepare various dishes.The most famous dish is the cheese fondue, and Maasdam is perfect for making it.

Maasdam cheese maker

fondue recipe and method of preparation


  • 300ml dry white wine;
  • 15 grams (or two tablespoons) corn flour;
  • 400 grams Maasdam cheese, grated;
  • freshly ground pepper to taste.

preparation of hot meals is as follows.Place the wine in a fondue pot (or a pot with a thick bottom) and bring to a boil.Meanwhile, in small bowl, mix the corn flour with 75 ml of cold water until a smooth paste.Reduce the heat under the pan for fondue and add the grated cheese and a mixture of water and cornflour.Stir constantly until until the cheese melts and begins to bubble.Season with black pepper and simmer for two to three minutes until thick and creamy mass education.

Set the pan over the burner on the table and Macao fondue your favorite products with a long fork.As a rule, for this purpose, sausages, slices of toasted bread and sliced ​​raw vegetables.In any case, you can choose any product that combines with hot cheese.

Maasdam cheese

What else can you cook?

addition to hot meals, Maasdam (cheese) is excellent for the preparation of original sandwiches.One of the most successful recipe is as follows:

  • 1 loaf of white or brown bread;
  • 1/3 kg of sliced ​​cheese Maasdam;
  • 1/2 kg of smoked turkey;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • 2 small tomatoes;
  • 6 lettuce leaves;
  • mustard to taste.


1. Cut the bread into thick slices and spread with mustard.

2. Place the layers of sliced ​​turkey, vegetables and cheese Maasdam (the "President" works best), and then cover the top of another piece of sandwich bread.

3. Serve the sandwiches with green salad or soup.

In addition, this product will be perfectly combined with the other ingredients in the preparation of salads, omelettes and lasagna.As for cheese Maasdam price is available (you can buy this product from 250-300 rubles per kg), every day there are more and more recipes using it.