Oyster mushrooms.

Oyster.How to cook marinated mushrooms for the holiday?After all, there are plenty of recipes, many of which are all known for a long time ago.However, you can find or invent many ways unusual for marinating mushrooms.

Oyster in modern cuisine

fried with onions, stewed in sour cream, baked in pies, marinated and served with butter and herbs - oyster mushrooms are good in any form.From these fungi can be prepared soups and zhuleny supplied to the second almost any garnish, they can be self snack or a pizza ingredients and many salads.Cook oyster is simple, no special secrets here.Furthermore, unlike wild mushroom, they do not require careful washing and brushing.

holiday snacks from oyster

very popular pickled oyster.How to cook them, probably every woman knows, because a lot of recipes for marinating mushrooms.In addition to traditional methods when raw mushrooms are blanched in hot marinade, there are other, more unusual.For example, the following.

Oyster mushrooms marinated in garlic sauce wi

th parsley and pepper

oyster how to cook

Ingredients: pure raw oyster - 500 g garlic - half of a large head, parsley - beam, bell peppers - 2 pieces.Moreover, oil for frying (preferably olive oil), vinegar and salt.


Oyster wash and dry, disassemble into separate mushrooms.Chop the parsley and garlic, chop pepper half rings.Oil warm up and portions on both sides of fried oyster (laying them in one layer of oil).Sauteed mushrooms tightly put in a quart jar, sprinkling each layer with garlic and parsley, alternating pepper, podsalivaya and sprinkling vinegar.On top put a little pressure and allow to cool.Prepared for this recipe marinated oyster mushrooms very quickly, have a nice spicy taste and look beautiful on the table.

How to cook oyster mushrooms marinated in orange sauce with sesame

cook oyster

Ingredients: young oyster mushrooms - 500-600 g, 2-3 tablespoons of sesame seeds, 2 cloves of garlic, paprika, turmeric, ground almond, applevinegar, sugar.


mushrooms, chopped into large chunks, quickly fry in very hot oil, put in a bowl.Season with salt and add the sugar.Sprinkle with paprika and turmeric, add the garlic, drizzle with vinegar.Optionally, you can pour a bit of nutmeg (pinch).Wrap and remove hours 7. Before serving, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Green asparagus and oyster mushrooms.How to cook a delicious marinade

How to cook oyster

Ingredients: 350 g of oyster mushrooms and green or white asparagus, two-thirds cup of white wine, half the green beam "Italian Herbs", a mixture of peppers (ground), bay leaf, a piece of fresh ginger (1x1x1 cm), 1-2 cloves flower, a teaspoon of honey, one lime, about 100 grams of soy sauce, salt and sugar.


Tear mushrooms coarsely hands.Wash asparagus, cut if necessary.Greens sort out, separated from the rigid legs, hands to break into large pieces.Place the bowl in a tight, pereslaivaya garlic and herbs, sprinkled with herbs.
For the filling mix the wine, honey, soy sauce, squeeze the lime juice, add a teaspoon of salt and sugar.Mix and pour the mushrooms and asparagus, giving oppression.Remove a day.Each table will be decorated delicious and flavorful marinated oyster mushrooms.How to cook their tastes best?Every housewife knows his recipes.