Open question: Cognac lowers or raises the pressure?

relationship between pressure and cognac

course, a lot of people who care about their own health, will be interesting question whether cognac increase or decrease the pressure.Cognac increase or decrease the pressure fact that the liquor has a direct effect on blood pressure.Some experts recommend to normalize this index use a little brandy.However, it should be noted that some of the people who do not need to explain, cognac to increase or decrease the pressure will argue: "Yes, of course, the pressure level will rise."Another part of the experts on this issue, on the contrary, said that brandy helps to restore the normal value of this important health parameters.At the same time to determine who is right in a dispute that brandy to increase or decrease the pressure, it is still possible, although it is necessary to examine the arguments of both one and the other.

coffee with cognac pressure

Cognac helps reduce blood pressure

most significant and strong evidence of the above postulate is interpreted as follows: "Cognac dilates blood vessels."Indeed, if th

e vessels are larger, it means that the pressure will be less.What time is based on the opinion of experts that it was brandy that promotes, rather than some other goryachitelny drink?

open question

when trying to determine the cognac to increase or decrease the pressure, the conclusion is this: "In the beginning of cognac consumption lowers blood pressure, and after a certain amount of time it rises."

How to hang in grams?

A decisive role in this regard plays a dosage above the alcohol product.If you consume cognac in an amount not exceeding 60-70 ml, then you not only reduce the pressure, but also improve the work of the heart muscle and prevent vasospasm.In addition, the level of cholesterol in your blood decrease significantly.Accordingly, the reception of cognac at a dose exceeding the value of 60-70 ml, make your blood pressure higher.Therefore, those who are interested in the effect of brandy to the pressure, it is necessary first of all to know that the main thing - is to learn to control the dose of alcohol.How does cognac pressure Excessive use of this noble liquor necessarily have a negative impact on your health.Some will be interested in the fact that if at the same time to combine coffee with brandy, rushed up the pressure only in the case of excess of the same dosage of these products.

Think for yourself, decide for yourself

To sum up the above, it can be summarized as: if a person knows their rate of alcohol, that his health will remain in good order, and it may not be for him to worry about.However, doctors do not advise too actively attempt to normalize high or low blood pressure with the help of brandy.This product is designed primarily for therapeutic purposes and only in the last - to receive pleasure.