How to strengthen the nails: a few simple tips

Diligence - the main condition for an excellent result

how to strengthen nails Every spring after a long winter depleted nails require special care.So relevant is the question of how to strengthen the nails and give them a healthy growth.The main decision in this matter - not to regret the time spent on caring for them.We need to eat a balanced and regularly "feed" nails useful and necessary for their health substances.So, consider some simple ways to strengthen nails.

oil mask

firming silk Firstly, the answer to the question of how to strengthen nails, is to use the firming mask with olive oil and lemon juice.It should be heated to a warm state in a water bath tablespoon of butter and mix with a few drops of fresh lemon juice.Receipt of funds and cause massaging rub into the nail plate.Be sure to wear gloves made of cotton and leave the mask on your nails at night.It is advisable to carry out this procedure twice a week.

Feeding tray

following solutions in order to strengthen the nails what is nourishing sea bath.It is n

ecessary to take half a liter of warm water, wherein the solution tablespoon salt (preferably sea).Dip your fingers in the bath and keep there for about 20 minutes.Next you need to wipe your hands dry and massage the cream in them a high degree of fat content, paying particular attention to nails.This procedure is best carried out every day up to 10 times more to make month break and, if necessary, be repeated.

mask of red pepper

than to strengthen nails How to strengthen your nails?It tells a seemingly inapplicable in this case means the red pepper.However, it is a mask consisting of him, it helps to strengthen and accelerate nail growth.In the preparation of this tool you need to mix half a teaspoon of red pepper, only 10 drops of water (preferably boiled), and one teaspoon of cream high fat content.Hold the resulting mixture for about 10 minutes in a water bath, then - to cool.Then lubricate the nails evenly with a thick layer, leave all that for 15 minutes, then rinse well with water all.Apply the mask is recommended no more than once a month.

Wax ointment

excellent tool used in deciding "how to strengthen nails" is cooked waxy ointment that can give a special strength of nails.It should be in a water bath to melt the four grams of beeswax.Add mashed boiled eggs yolks with a fork.Then small portions add peach oil until a thick cream.It is advisable to use this cream every night.Peach oil, if necessary, can be replaced by any other fruit oil (available at pharmacies).

use silk

And finally, quite "fashionable" way - firming silk.To apply this technique virtually no contraindications (only a fungal disease).Silk can also be used for nails.This will allow them to always look great!