Mushroom truffle can grow very


mushroom truffle belongs to the category of marsupials.The plant with a fleshy tuberous fruit body grows under the ground at a distance of 10-20 cm from the surface.It grows mainly in the south of France and northern Italy, but can also be found in the forests of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, even in Central Asia.Interestingly, the mycelia are using dogs and pigs trained to do it.Although a person can find the mycelium beneath rotting leaves one special feature - on this place are very often twisted little gnats.mushroom truffle

mushroom varieties

in longitudinal section resembles an ordinary mushroom truffle fries.Do not forget that not all species can be eaten.French black or Perigord and White Piedmontese specialties are the most valuable.Ripe fruit has a sweet taste and pleasant aroma.In Russia grows only one variety - Tuber aestivum.Black truffle (fungus) has a round shape with small knobs of black or dark gray.Fruit body can be the size of a large walnut to medium apple.Inside, the flesh is reddish in

color, in full maturity, it becomes purple.

How to choose and prepare the site for planting

for growing black truffles are suitable oak, walnut and other similar trees.Mushrooms grow among the roots.Used as a natural and cultivated man planting.The basic condition of good growth is a warm temperate climate.Gentle mycelium can not tolerate large temperature differences and can be lost.But the good feeling during a mild winter and a wet summer.Truffle mushroom

Fertilizers for fungi

growing need for lime soil.It should be fertilized with minerals and well-drained.When breeding of fungi on the landing necessarily added because of their natural habitat.The mycelium is mixed with soil from the places where the fungus grows in fits and truffle mycelium.To do this, between the tree roots dig a hole to a depth of 15 cm. It is recommended to put the body of an adult fungus, broken down into small pieces.Now on the market you can find walnut seedlings, grafted beforehand truffle spores.

Planting and care

Before you start planting trees should be properly choose a place.It must be protected on all sides by high winds and other severe weather phenomena.Planting should be protected from animals.Planted trees should be at some distance from other plants, as they can have a negative impact on the growth of delicious delicacies.Be sure to check the reaction of the soil pH, acidity when it should fertilize the land known, but it should be done gradually.During the summer, water the plants should be very warm water.The first crop can be harvested in 5-7 years and 25-30 years, enjoy a rich harvest.Mushrooms usually grow clumps of 3 to 7 pieces.During the growth of the mycelium of the land rises and the grass around the withers.Mushroom Truffle Photo

collection and storage

truffle fungus begins to mature closer to the fall, the harvest can be up to the cold.Each cut fruit turns parchment paper and placed in a container of dry rice.This storage method allows you to retain moisture and flavor.With the same purpose is not entirely clear the mushroom truffle (photo demonstrates its kind) from the ground.Store bought fruit should be refrigerated.