Detox program at home

gradually in the human body accumulates a large amount of toxins that impede the normal operation of all organs.As a result, there is a feeling of apathy and fatigue, and skin - acne.Man very quickly begins to gain weight.Detox program allows you to regain good mood and excellent health, normalize the functioning of all organs and systems in the body.detox program

What is detox

Not everyone knows what this program.Detox - a cleansing of the body of toxins and impurities.The program consists of several stages.In general, there is cleaning:

  • intestine,
  • oral,
  • light,
  • liver,
  • lymph and blood,
  • kidney,
  • skin,
  • vessels,
  • connective tissues and joints.

detox program at home allows you to clear all the bodies from harmful substances.However, in some cases, such events can only be institutionalized.For example, to clean the blood at home simply impossible.The most common method - a detox diet.detox program at home

Features detox diet

The principle of this method of cleansing the body is quite simple.Detox program is compi

led for a week and involves eating only natural and healthy products.The only way to remove toxins from the body, do not hurt yourself.It should be remembered that the abrupt change in diet can negatively affect health.That is why for several days to prepare the body to diet.To do this:

  1. exclude the use of high-calorie foods.
  2. Gradually reduce the amount smoked, salty and fatty foods in the diet.
  3. switch to a product solely of vegetable origin.
  4. once every seven days is permitted the use of lean poultry and fish, cheese from the milk of goats.
  5. should abandon the sweet, starchy foods, coffee and alcohol.detox program reviews

Basic Principles

This diet can last anywhere from three days to several weeks and is as follows:

  1. daily on an empty stomach in the morning you should drink a glass of clean, warm water to dilute it with lemon juice.Also in the drink, you can add a tablespoon of olive or linseed oil.These components can replace lemon juice.
  2. detox program excludes the use of simple carbohydrates, fatty foods, smoked and spicy products, alcoholic beverages and coffee.Throughout the course, you need to give up sweets and sugar.
  3. In addition, food can not add seasoning and salt.These products complicate the process of purification.Those who suffer from low blood pressure, you can use sea salt.
  4. diet with such a diet should be varied.This avoids the lack of those substances that are essential for our body.The menu must be available fresh fruits and vegetables.This is one of the main conditions.
  5. Eat vegetarian food in its raw form is best for 30 minutes before the main meal.This will prevent the fermentation process.
  6. Any vegetable oil used for cooking should always be cold pressed.There is a need
  7. every three hours, but it should be small portions.
  8. products are best consumed raw or cook them for a couple.Only in this case the detox program will be more effective.
  9. Daily should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of clean water.This should be done with half an hour before and half an hour after a meal.You should not drink the water in less than three hours before bedtime.It can hurt.In addition, the water is not necessary to replace the compote or tea.
  10. best to start a diet during the holidays or at the weekend, as the need to be able to rest for a positive result.The number of irritants should be minimized.
  11. Also, when the detox program should pay particular attention to physical stress.In this case, ideal for exercises of yoga.
  12. Enhance effects allow trips to the sauna and massage courses.After all, these procedures only accelerate the process of purification.detox program for a week

How to get out of detox diet

Check cleansing program should be gradual.Because the body has to get used to the new diet.You must first enter the protein products in the menu.In the dishes are starting to add spices and salt, but in small quantities.Here's an easy detox program.Reviews of this method of cleansing is not always positive.So, before you begin the program, is a consultation with the specialist.If you have certain diseases, such a diet may be banned.Cleansing in some cases can be very harmful.So do not own resort to this method.

What might be the diet

Today there are many ways to cleanse the body and lose weight.However, detox program is considered the best of them.Here is an example of how the procedure should be carried out.This menu for one day:

  1. Breakfast.It can consist of an unlimited number of fresh fruit.However, it should exclude oranges and bananas.
  2. lunch.Usually recommended to use the juice from different fruit or herbal teas.
  3. Lunch.It should consist of a light salad, made with fresh vegetables.It is best to use those products that accelerate the process of metabolism, thereby contributing to the immediate evacuation of the entire body of toxins.
  4. Snack.Apple and the big carrot.
  5. Dinner.Vegetables, prepared exclusively for a couple, or a vegetable salad.detox program at home

addition to the proposed menu, you can add 100 to 150 grams of fish, as well as for dinner - a small amount of brown rice.Calculated this detox program for three days.

Detox wrap slimming

This will not only cleanse the body, but also a bit to lose weight.Detox program at home means not only a change in the diet, but also a range of treatments.The most popular - a wrap.For the procedure you need:

  1. 200 milliliters of cream.
  2. tablespoon of ground coffee.
  3. Tile of dark chocolate 50%.

Before wrapping is necessary to clean the skin.For this ideal coffee grounds or sea salt.This procedure helps to improve blood circulation in the tissues.

How to conduct detox wrap

To prepare the composition is necessary to take container and pour it in cream, add the grated chocolate and ground coffee.Dishes with the composition should be put in a water bath and melt.Ready means must be applied to the body.Do it better with the help of not too tough, but the broad brush.After that, the problem areas is food wrap film.It is mandatory to have to lie down for 40 minutes under a warm blanket.After the procedure, you need to take a shower, it is desirable contrast.After such a wrap is applied to the skin nourishing cream.Coral detox program

Side effects detox program

has long been many people detox program has become an ideal method of cleansing the body.However, not all the way to the solution.Judging by the reviews, this method of weight loss and treatment has several side effects, including:

  1. Headaches that occur as a result of the release of toxins.If the discomfort becomes unbearable, the experts recommend to go to a normal and balanced diet.
  2. also the withdrawal of toxins may be bad breath.In this case, it helps eliminate mouthrinse clean warm water with a few drops of lemon juice.
  3. In addition, the skin may appear acne.
  4. Due to the lack of carbohydrates can cause fatigue.

Despite the side effects, it is necessary to carry out cleansing of the body, as a large number of toxins poisoning the body, which complicates the work of all organs.Ideal method - detox program.Houses can be done wrapping and change your diet to improve your health.detox program for three days

In conclusion

full program "Coral detox" is performed only in a specialized institution, as it consists of numerous procedures.At home, you can do only detox diet that allows you to run the self-cleaning mechanism of the whole organism.As a result of such an event you will feel healthier.Those who tried the diet simply claim that they feel better.It is worth noting that the detox program allows you not just to cleanse the body, but also get rid of the extra kilos.However, recourse to such methods of losing weight only after consultations with specialists.