Where the instrument used to determine the depth?

What carries the water surface?

ocean depths pose a lot of unknown objects.Yes that there ocean!For example, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea sufficiently fine Swedish researchers found a disc-shaped stone objects with a diameter of about 18 meters and a height above the bottom of more than 3 meters.Opinions about what it is divided.Some suggest that it is the development of Nazi Germany during World War II, and the other, not without reason, carried the found object to the ancient UFO once crashed on the planet.a device for determining the depth

How does a device for determining the depth?

see this miracle at a depth of 85 meters helped sonar - a modern device for determining the depth, and the parameters of objects in the water.The principle of its operation is quite simple: a voltage pulse is applied to the transducers (vibrators), which convey the depths of the acoustic signal range.The sound is reflected from objects located on the bottom or in the water, and returned to the ship, which is reflected in the indicator device

s.Fixing the data is such that you can determine the depth of the subject, and on some models, "emerges" a form of, for example, an underwater mountain.

In the old ...

not surprising that underwater objects such plan was possible to find only in the last decade, asbefore the device for determining the depth was a rope tied to the cargo and markings as nodes.Each node is measured out 1.83 meters (fathom) and distance to the bottom of the calculated from the number of nodes, sunk under the sea.deep metal

Detailed bottom topography

In the case of the mysterious stone "UFO" a device for determining the depth showed not only the object itself, but also the curvature of the bottom surface next to the disk, and long strips (up to several hundred meters)stretching the side.This gives additional arguments in favor of the theory of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, committed once an emergency landing.

Additional research

That could not show a device for determining the depth seen divers descend to the bottom depth for the study of education.I must say that they were a little shocked when I saw that on the surface of a large object contains melted stones arranged in a circle, and also a lot of "corridors", at perfect right angles.It is assumed that nature can not so perfect to handle any material, especially since at this point there is a distortion of the electromagnetic field, and elevated levels of radiation.

depths of the ocean

And on the land - the gold!

Perhaps smaller and ancient, but no less interesting discoveries can be made on land.This can help to equipment such as metal detectors deep.These devices generate electromagnetic pulses that pass into the earth.Certain metal objects interact with the effects, resulting in a signal to the control panel.Interesting models are equipped with the exploration mode that allows you to customize the "mask" to cut off unwanted metal objects and search for gold nuggets and vintage treasures.