How do I know the version of the game?

most released games have a certain flaws and shortcomings.In this regard, the developers "finish off" their patches and updates, so the gamer was able to fully enjoy the gameplay.Some updates require predecessors, that is placed only on a particular version of the game.This article discusses how to check the version of the game in various ways.
how to check the version of the game
What is it

version of the game - this is the current status of all updates installed.It turns out that the patches change it for a new one, thereby increasing the speed and performance of the game by eliminating any flaws.The higher version, the game will be more completely.In particular, this question becomes relevant for the project, which comes out almost every month some updating.A striking example - Witcher 2. How do I know the version of the game, for which produced about a dozen-plus updates?Positive results in this case can be achieved in several ways.

Variability approach

learn how to find out which version of the game is installed in th

e system, he will speak directly to her launcher.This kind of software to run the game that allows you to pre-configure various settings before starting the game.It also contains information about which version is at the moment.In some games, to simplify the process of finding the information shown in the main menu (somewhere in the far corner). witcher 2 version of the game to find out how This is the first and easiest way how to find out which version of the game.But there are situations when there is no launcher, and the main menu contains a minimum of information.In this case, the aid comes the main startup file - hhh.exe (xxx - name of the game).It is important not to confuse the label with exe-file, as the label is only by this or that object.This file is always located in the main game directory.Just find a place on the disk where the game is installed, open the folder and you will see an icon representing the main symbols of the project.Next, you select it 1 time the left mouse button, then press right.Down list opens in which you want to select the last section - "Properties."A window displays basic information about the exe-file.It also contains the tabs with names such as "Compatible", "Safety" and so on.You must select the tab "Details".It will contain information about which version of the game is set at the moment.As can see, nothing complicated.

how do you know which version of the game

There are a couple of ways of how to find out which version of the game.The first is to find the readme.txt or patch.txt file in the root directory of the game that contains basic information, including the current version.The second method is even simpler - in the Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs", which after the discovery will provide a full list of all applications installed on the computer.There, in the "Version" You can find the information you need.Thus, there are many easy and simple way how to find out which version of the game.Any of the above methods is effective and valid.