Answers to the question of how to hide a friend in touch

social network "VKontakte" allows you to customize a profile on its discretion.The tab "My Profile" displays photos, contact details, status.There is also a wall - a place for public posts.Under the photo you can see your friends.Moreover, by lists: best friends, relatives, colleagues and so on.Are seen as those who currently is online.Your page displays the community that you have visited for the last time, photo, video and audio recordings.On the left side of the profile is the menu, using which you can navigate the tab that interests to hide a friend in touch

Settings page

For more functionality in the profile menu settings make a bookmark for those references that you are most needed.For example, "My News" is allowed to be up to date with events taking place in your friends and in communities to which you have subscribed.Here it is easy to find a photo of your contact person, since in addition to news feeds, you can see all uploaded photos.Sometimes it happens that you have a person in your friends, who do not wan

t to show the rest of the contacts on your list, then you need to look for the "Hide other."The "Contacts" setting up your profile, in accordance with their wishes, you get an interactive page, easy to communicate and store information.The main thing is to know where and how to adjust certain parameters.

How to hide a friend in "Contacts"?

find a photo of man In the menu select "My Settings" and go to the "Privacy".Here you can configure all the profile sections that deal with users of this social network and his contacts.Wondering about how to hide the other in the "Contacts", simply select the desired options for the "People can see the list of my friends and subscriptions."This item can be set up so that those contacts that you do not want to indicate in its list were visible only to you.If you are outside of this function is "All Friends", then select this option and make the appropriate settings.When you click to open a window that will list the users on the one hand and an empty column - on the other.To quickly find the desired contact, use the field to enter text.Once you have chosen each other, it immediately from the list of moves to another column.Press the "save changes" and confirm.Now, near the corresponding function will be "All friends but ... (the chosen contact)".The answer to the question of how to hide a friend in "Contacts", obtained, but there are some limitations for this function.hide more in touch restrictions for the "Hide other"

If those contacts you have a lot, remember that the administration of the social network allows to put on such a list of not more than 30 members.Perhaps the technical service has considered options for changing the established limit, taking into account a large number of receipt of questions on the topic "how to hide another."In the "Contact" repeatedly changed settings to meet the needs of its users.