Improving job Vindouz.

Before you go to the registry, you need to figure out what it is, what actions can be performed with it and what it might need.In fact, the registry - this is a simple database that has a tree structure.It contains all the important information concerning the operation of the system as a whole and its individual parts.This enables the user to have a direct impact on important system files and settings, ensuring a more productive of your Windows.However, the interaction with the registry is not included in the basis of elementary knowledge of the user, and to make the host computer to understand what a registry is to go into it, and so on. N., Are a few basic to go to the Register

first reason

most common reason which forces the user to learn to work with the registry is that many of the programs and drivers at their disposal standard methods Vindouz leave the system files, preventing the normal functioning of the wrapper.This is especially true when you exit the radical updates that require a complete re-insta

llation of any drivers or applications.To do this, you need to go into the registry and manually remove the components that interfere and do not allow proper installation of new software versions.go to Register

second reason

Another good reason to look for information on how to enter into the registry - the detection of viruses and malicious software (for example, banner) in the system.This is due to the fact that the virus has penetrated blocks some security features Vindouz and clear away all other methods impossible.This leads to the need to manually remove certain files and to change the parameters of the main elements of the program shell.Register as a go

How to go to the registry by regular means Windows

In order to be able to control the key database computer, you must activate the command line.To do this, there are two simple ways.The first is to go to the "Start" menu and activate the "Run".The second possibility is using hotkeys «Win + R».Their press will cause that command line will be available for PC users.Once she was called, needed in the "Open" to enter «regedit», and then it will be necessary to confirm its actions by pressing "OK".As a result, the user manipulation made available "Registry Editor", which consists of five main sections, each of which is responsible for certain elements of the system.

How come the registry alternative way

At present many applications from third-party developers allow for editing the registry, and even his automatic removal of software "garbage."For example, such a possibility is supported by many popular file managers.It is easy to pick up a good cheap option, so this problem will not arise.


Finally I want to draw attention to the fact that all the actions made in the registry have a strong impact on the OS.Therefore, carefully read the information and proceed only if you are sure to result.