CPU temperature - and how to control whether it is at all

The fact that any equipment while the heated, they know everything, but that monitor the temperature of the processor should be continuously aware few.This indicator tracks people, work or entertainment which are tightly connected to the computer.They just somehow understand the importance of this parameter, the temperature of the processor.Do not think that if you just bought a PC or held its improvement with the help of professionals, you do not need it.CPU temperature It is in these situations and needs close monitoring.Tracking the dynamics of changes in this index shows how well matched and fit all of the elements are properly installed coolers and fans, as their parameters are chosen correctly.And if something is wrong, you can quickly remedy the situation, rather than waiting for the failure of any element (become useless usually the most expensive part of all that they could suffer from overheating).

What can cause an increase in temperature of the processor

CPU temperature - this is the figure, the con

trol of which will extend the life of your computer.And although modern models have a high enough temperature threshold - up to 105 degrees Celsius, in some cases exceeded, and this is sufficient high standard.Can you imagine that happening at this time with the elements of the system.CPU temperature limit becomes clear why your computer is turned off and restarted.Such overheating may not withstand each material, and if the temperature of the processor exceeds a threshold value, the protection mechanism is activated, job is stopped is shut down and then restart.Do not think it's safe - the frequent repetition of a similar situation after a certain period of time will necessarily lead to failure of your "iron".

When you need to monitor the temperature

If your computer came the following problems: there are spontaneous reboot, shutdown, slowing down the work program "freezes" - one of the reasons (you can list a dozen) - exceeded the CPU temperature limit.In order to determine if it is or not, you need to find a program that will monitor this indicator.According to the results of observations you can understand whether the permissible temperature is exceeded the processor (each model is their own, but usually ranges from 60 ° C to 80 ° C).allowable temperature protsesssorah


program that monitors the temperature of the processor set.They differ in the degree of reliability, the number of monitored parameters and location sensors.The measurement data of different programs may be different on 15-20oS that sometimes baffled.But there are many reviews that advanced users will give their opinion on the reliability of information obtained from such monitoring programs.After analyzing some of them, we have selected a few of the reviews are almost always positive.Here they are: Temp Taskbar for Windows 7, CPU Thermometer, Core Temp, SpeedFan RUS, Hmonitor, Open Hardware Monitor, PC-Wizard.All of them offer different features are used for the diagnosis of various components of a computer fillings, some may be distributed free, some - for the money.You choose.But watch out for indicators such as the CPU temperature, a vital (for your computer it is so).