Tuning "Audi-80": the advantages and disadvantages

Tuning in the modern world

Ā«Audi-80" has for a long time considered to be one of the most popular models.This reliable machine attractive, inter alia, their ability to transformation.

tuning Audi 80

For most car owners tuning "Audi-80" is a way of self-expression.
Transformation machinery intended to express the preferences and the nature of the owner.Therefore, many prefer to spend tuning "Audi-80" with his own hands.Creating visual concentration Body verticals reach more aggressive exterior design.With horizontal lines seek to increase agility.No less fascinating interior tuning "Audi-80."The addition of LED lighting on the dashboard and interior steps creates a fantastic effect.Some replace the old lining on a new, more modern and bright.The materials selected velor or latex, wherein the same materials and door trim panel.

interior tuning Audi 80 Features tuning

Tuning "Audi-80" is to complement e-filling machine.Cars equipped with the latest navigation systems, set sabbufery and modern sound system.With a wide range of au

dio equipment to choose the right system for the "Audi" is not a problem.Since salon "vosmidesyatki" pretty impressive, it contains almost any audio system will produce high-quality sound.A sabbufer placed in the trunk, give playback unusual shades.

What else can?

Tuning "Audi-80" did not shy away, and the hood space.The engine equipped with chip tuning, which gives the power unit lacking power.Experts often change camshaft and put lightweight flywheel.These manipulations also added "horses" to the traction force of the motor.You can spend tuning "Audi-80", adding the car more modern elements - in particular, to replace the wheel arches more bloated.Appearance of the car immediately transformed.And if we add to this stylish forged wheels, the "Audi-80" will look elegant with the latest model.Organically fit into the design of a complete kit in a circle, and diflektor spoiler.However, in this case the main thing - do not overdo it.A large number of optional accessories, poorly matched the style of the car will make the Christmas tree.The effect of this tuning is exactly the opposite.

Create your own style

tuning Audi 80 with their hands

But the greatest impression on others will make restyling "Audi-80" with airbrushing.This method of transfiguration appearance machine capable of accurately and eloquently tell the car owners.Airbrushing on the car - it's like an autobiography.All the personality of the owner, his charisma and character can be expressed in the drawing figure.Pleasure is, no doubt, is not cheap.But airbrushing, in addition to aesthetics, bears a very important function - it attracts the attention of passers-by and scares off thieves.According to statistics, car, tuned airbrushing, hijacked much less.Byl focus kidnappers do not want cars.


Those who decided to make tuning "Audi-80" aftermarket auto accessories and offers unlimited possibilities.Everything will depend on the nature of the owner, his imagination and finances.Among other things, transform the car in our time can be in special salons where design develop skilled craftsmen.